Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ramblings and an Award, Yes! an Award

Hi there, it's me again. I am so delighted to have been given and AWARD. It's been passed to me by Bekca of 'Stitching Lion'. As with all things there are always some 'rules' or other, so here they are.

1. Thank the person who has awarded you.

2. List seven things about yourself.

3. Pass the award to 15 other stylish bloggers
So here we go with the easy one first...... Thanks Bekca I can say I was truly in shock.

Now a little harder

1. I need a cup of tea in the morning to get my engine started.
2. I rely on my Hubby to sort out all electrical plug fitting.
3. Baking with my grandchildren is one of my loves.
4. I tend to be 'accident' prone!!!
5. I volounteer in a Primary School helping school beginners to read.
6. I am not the best at housework.
7. I invariably take on more than I can manage.

And lastly the really hard one, this is because I know that some people will not want to take part but that is their choice and also because some I would have passed it on to have already got it. Horror of horrors!!!

1 Jen fromI've Started so I'll Finish...Eventually I'll give you a reason for this. It's because it's a blog I've used and one I enjoy watching it helps people who've got' STUCK' on a UFO.
2 Jayne .... Ginnie's Cross Stitich!!
3. Linda.....Blu Stitcher
4. Jennifer......Confessions of a Serial Starter
5.Gabi...... Lady of the Floss
6. Nancy..... Cross Stitches and Kitty Kisses
7. Mel.....Epic Stitching
8. Tammy..... KFor the Love of Cross Stitching
9. Angela..... Hooked on Stitches
10.Blu..... Therapy by Thread
11Shamila..... Stitching My Way
12 Siobhan ..... Notes form Blue Hen Hollow
13.Carol.....Stitch Across The Border
14 Bernice.... Rocky Mountain Stitcher
15 Silverlotus.... Reflections in a Pond

Wow that was hard work!!!! If I have passed this on to anyone who has already been given this award (I've tried to check) or to anyone who is an 'Award Hater' please believe me when I say I'm sorry.

On now to what I've been up to or not as the case may be.
I have not kept up with reading blogs OOOOOps. The computer has had a severe headache. (My Husband) My DH has been 'tinkering' and all sorts of things went wrong. I don't even understand what he was doing in the first place, I just know the whole thing'Crashed' big style. Anyhow today he has managed to restore it to some sort of usage. Yippee . Monday was a Yuk day (more about that at another time MAY BE) I went off to Chirk Castle again this week on Thursday, on this occasion I was not with grandchildren I was one of the volounteers who dress up in 'Tudor Costume' and on what is known as Family Thursday Costume Day where we dress any willing( or otherwise) people of all ages up in Tudor outfits, It's a good day because I see people I don't actually see more than a few times each year.
We have spent some time out in the garden trying to tidy it up a little. We've eaten our first home grown tomatoes. Unfortunately we'd eaten them before I thought of taking a picture!! Any how here's a pic of some poppies that have come out. We have never had poppies this colour before so I can only assume that they have cross pollenated with another variety. ( Now that sounds as if I know what I'm talking about).
This next picture is of a rose that we transplanted from our front garden to the back and it has only just started to recover after some violent pruning by my brother in law several years ago, if you look carefully you can see it's got a little 'visitor'.
I'm not too sure whether the flowers on the grapevine can be seen, I was amazed how many buds there are this year, hopefully we'll have a good crop, that is if we get to them before the blackbirds.
I have to admit that I haven't done vast amount of stitching this last two weeks. I went in to the school along with my eldest grand-daughter (15) on the Thursday morning sticking the labels on books for the years new pupils. Two of my grandchildren finished 'primary school' this year and I went to watch the' Leavers assembly' which was very touching and many people were in tears, children and adults included. There were two large screens that showed photos of these now 11 year olds as they had gone through the school and some of the activities that they had taken part in, it was great. Tears were in abundance as they sang their School Song 'One Day at a Time'. Both my grand-daughter and her twin brother were in tears( must admit included). Now on to their next big chapter!!!!!

Stitching at last I can almost hear you sighing... Agneatha has moved along I have reached the half way mark on one side and almost on the other. Not much back stitching done yet though but I have made a start. I have started to enjoy doing it now. It's only the Aida that is the headache. My DH has taken the photo for me as I seem only manage shakey pics at the moment. He's got good colour on it as well so I am delighted.

My only other stitching has been on Ngoma Kem Kem this one is also coming along quite well. Love the colours in these designs.
I have succombed and bought some more of the African designs by Gakonga, only problem is I forgot to take pics. so that'll have to be a ''remember for next time". I only went to buy some needles...HONEST.

I don't know how much sewing I'll get done this week as I am at my son's for four days looking after the grandchildren. Baking is on the agenda as I've already had the 'phone call' asking, "Please can we bake. Grandma?"

I am taking my sewing with me, I just hope that it's not in vain. Wish me luck, I'll arrive home probably needing a months hols myself.( Ho Ho)

Once again that's it for now, I really must try and catch up on my blog reading, but the needle is calling. If you've time to leave a comment so much appreciated . Until next time Hope your sewing moves along well Bye for now.....

Monday, 18 July 2011

Rhubarb, Rhubarb and Surprise!!!!!!

Hi there everyone, It's time for me to update you on my last couple of weeks.

Well I have been busy. I went to stop at my Younger sons while he and his DW went to Spain for a few days. This coincided with their elder daughter going off to France with school for about 10 days (not really sure). Off went the older holiday makers at about 5.30a.m. so that they would be in good time for their flight from Liverpool airport. I was dutifully awake to wave them off. At about 7.00a.m. the grandchildren were up and about. The next holiday maker having a slight problem, mainly she couldn't close her case. 'Grandma' comes the call from upstairs. Off I go to help solve the problem!!! I have never seen so much 'stuff',(that would probably never be used,) being put into a suitcase. Now maybe it's just me but how many of you out there take a four plug extension lead on hols with you??? Plus ipod holders, a multitude of various continental plug adapters. A box of energy bars, birthday presents ( her 15th birthday occurred in the middle of the hol) and cards, all sorts of odd bits and last but not least a tub of 'Pot Noodle'. I can only assume that the suitcase was going to get very hungry.!!. Anyway after re-packing the suitcase with plugs etc. stuffed into trainers and a general reshuffle Lo and Behold the suitcase fastened. Her brother and sister waited patiently ....well for so long... they had sorted out their own breakfast (Yippee) when her brother reminded me that he had to take his bicycle to school as he was lending it to a friend so that his friend could do his 'cycling proficiency '( I found out later that his friend had had his bicycle stolen). So after wishing his sister a 'fond farewell' he vanished off to school. Her sister waited for her and we set off for the High School. We passed another parent, looking rather harrassed, still trying to get her son's belongings into the back of her car. I don't mind telling you how glad I was that I was not the only one going slightly loopy. We arrived at the High School and drove down to where we had to unload their cases.(They weren't leaving until 16.00hrs.) There were two boys there already. At this point I must tell you that the boys had made the decision that they would be wearing 'TY-Dyed' 'T'shirts' I wish I had a photo to show you but if I tell you they were dyed a mix of delicate shades of 'PINK and Orange'(Please use your imagination!!!) One boy was kitted out to travel in his Ty Dye also sporting a pair of pinky washed out looking crop trousers. (His mother was just shaking her head at him) Another one had a very querky hat on also with Ty Dye shirt The third boy arrived (evidently dressed by his mother) rather more sensibley attired. The two TY Dyes said ' Hey! Where's your holiday gear?' 'In my case ,' was the answer. I can tell you the look of horror on his mother's face was absolutlely picturesque. when he proceeded to unpack his case to find his fantastic TY Dye and get changed in the school car park, I have know idea yet how the holiday went but I'm sure at some point I'll get to hear all about it. I did remember to deliver the younger granddaughter to her school with no problem. I then went back to my 'temporary home' to sort out the chaos that seemed to be everywhere.(not that bad really).
I had a list of things such as Scouts 19.00, NO Guides, Saturday Dancing. etc etc. Now on Saturday I also had my other three grandchildren to look after plus the Dancing runs. Football competitions, delivering granddaughter to other grandmas to go to a 'Strawberry Tea' at the Church Hall. I actually managed to get all to where they needed to be and at the right time .
The next day my DH and I took the two grandchildren down to Chirk Castle, on the border of Wales, for a Plant Detective day..
They thoroughly enjoyed themselves talking to a gentleman

who was dressed in period costume who showed them how the country was mapped using a 'Half Chain measure'(11 Yards) and also how to measure trees to assess their age.!
This one is thought to be about 100 years old. ( according to my granchildren's measuring.) It was quite a long day and we had tea at Mc Donalds and then headed for home. I was handing over to their other grandmother for the last day and a half of minding. I was exhausted!!!
Back to my saga. The next week went as usual volounteer in a local school, go to son's to do the school taking and collecting for a couple of days. Except this time I was going to the Year6's production of a very amusing 'play' called 'School Daze' I must say it was excellent, and generally considered to be the best one yet. The next day I was back at the grandchildren's school volounteering there as well, and then in the afternoon went to several performances by the children (in year groups) ages 8 to 11. Highly entertaining afternoon. and then eventually back to my own home and my DH. At weekend I had my other three grandchildren to stay for Sat. plus Sat. Night. as usual baking was on the list of 'to do'. This is a cheese cake that we made up our own recipe for , must say it tasted pretty good, decoration courtesy of Lily

Now tho the part I know you have been waiting progress on the stitching stakes.... I have tried Honestly to fit in some stitching so here we go.
I have worked a little on Ngoma Kem Kem in the evening at home but found I was getting myself very confused trying to read across two charts but never the less progress has been made.

I have done pretty well with Agneatha. I've reached the right hand side and started to work up. The tail has been a bit of a nightmare with all the black and dark grey but at least that is now finished, mind you I still have the back stitching to do, I know I say that everytime.( I keep wondering if the Backstitch Fairy will call.) I must admit I'm not too keen on stitching on Aida anymore but when it comes with the kit that's what I use. I would say that I have done about a 1/4 of the design (well maybe)

I've got a surprise for you now. Yes I've got another finish. 'Counting Bats' by Just Nan is done. I'm now looking for a suitable backing fabric to make it into a bell pull. I'm really pleased with this and I'm hoping that the picture is showing the colours as they really are, fingers crossed.
I have been looking through my UFO's. One I started in 1998 keeps calling me. It's by Bucilla. The Apache Wedding Vows. I found it out and put away again!!!! The aida it's stitched on must be 11 count and for some reason it put me off it.. I suppose I'll just have to get it out and look again. Perhaps the aida will have shrunk.
Well that's it for now. Hope you joined in my 'Happy Dance' with me. . Thanks for dropping in and if you've had the time to leave a comment , much appreciated,
Until next time here's hoping your needles are flying and the frogs are sleeping.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Another New Start and Happy Dances...Yippee

Hi there , everyone. Hope you have been enjoying the sunny weather we've been having lately. My DH and I arrived back from a quick visit to my sIster's this last weekend and the weather was glorious. I received a phone call from my son wanting to know if I fancied watching his team play in the Final of the local cricket league; I quite enjoy watching cricket so off I went. They were only playing 20/20. For the non follower that means that they play 20 overs(6 balls per over) per team and obviously the one with most runs wins. When I arrived I had no idea where my son was so the grandchildren pointed him out. There he was sitting with his leg up and a bandage round it.
He'd apparently done something to his 'quad' (Haven't really got a clue what a quad is other than something soldiers march round!!) in the semi-final a little earlier in the day. He was in some pain but as they had no subs he intended playing. When it came to the actual final to be played his team were fielding first and it was not a good start, catches were dropped and my son was hobbling around as the normally speedy runner just couldn't run. When it was his teams turn to bat they were out one after another very quickly and they had moved the place my DS would bat to a later place. He came out bat under arm and walked in a laboured fashion out to the crease when all of a sudden another batsman came out..... the opposing team allowed him to have a runner,( that's another man who can run the 22yds between the wickets on his behalf) unfortunatley he was out for only 11 runs (he was run out by the other batsman). It's a strange game cricket. But to cut a long story short they lost.. Doom and Gloom everywhere, but, true to form they cheered the winning team and applauded them as they received the trophy. Although not the winners it was a lovely day out in the sunshine.

Now for the important bits of news.I have made some good progress with my Just Nan's Counting Bats. Although I did get visitation from the 'frogs' more than once usually on the 1/1 words which was a bit of a headache.

I would most likely have got this finished if I hadn't been side-tracked by my grand-daughter into making a couple of '50's' style skirts for their school year production of'Grease'. I hope they come up to expectations as I haven't had the chance to try either skirt on the girls

The skirt colour is a bright red but on the picture it looks a bit pinky,( don't know why all the photo's are looking a bit wishy washy.) I'll be at the school watching the show next week so I'll have to let you know how it goes.!!!!!

I have made another new start., Ngoma Kem Kem (Heart Warming Dance) by Anchor as before by the Kenyan artist Gakonga. I have been enjoying stitching these.
This is where I have got up to at the moment.

You must have guesssed I have finished 'Looking Back'. Happy dances all round. They are quite a good'Chill out' design to stitch.
And now for the BIGGEE. Fanfares all round. 'CASTLES IN THE AIR' IS FINISHED. Created by Papillon Designs, started two years plus a bit ago. It's been a roller coaster of ups and down for me as I have combined the cross stitch and the speciality designs into one plus altering bits to suit myself. I have to get it framed yet but that will have to wait until the next time I'm down near the' Nimble Thimble' in Wales.

I chose to use 32 ct fabric to make it a little smaller (19 1/2") and the colours were taken from the flowers in our garden. Here are a few pics.

Hope you can all hear the music that I'm dancing to..I've got it as loud as I can and the house is shaking with my happy feet .

That's it for now folks I'm off to make our meal. Hope you have time to leave a comment they are so appreciated. Until next time Happy stitching to you all.