Sunday, 25 September 2011

All sorts of Everthing.

At last I've managed to shut the 'Airport' down so that I can at least blog a little. My DH is still airporting like mad despite the fact that I think he has got to the current top level. He say's he's now helping the 'newbies, up the ladder. Mind you we have had some ups and downs with the computer..... We've had to put new leads on and a new router, which incidentally is worse than the old one... I got annoyed and complained to the internet provider and we are being sent yet another router. Here's hoping that this one works. Our internet speed has become so slow we'd loose a race with a snail. Next thing was the keyboard, it's the connection not the actual board but as it's from the stone age we've been and bought a new one. So how all will go on who knows???

I've been doing my usual grandchildren stints, but as yet there are no evening sports to have to take them to. My grandchildren twins started their High School on the 6th Sept. They are absolutely exhausted at the moment, what with the homework to do and them getting each others books muddled up and several stressed outbreaks from the female side of the twins to the laid back atitude of her brother (What is it about males??). Anyhow I'm sure in a little while it'll all calm down...Hopefully....

I should have started physio on my knee and shoulder at long last. I was all ready for the off when the phone rang to tell me that the Physio was ill and they had no other spaces to fit me in until the end of the month. Still I've struggled with it now for a long time so a little while longer won't make a deal of difference. Wish me luck with it.

Just so you know I have been stitching. I've done quite well really and I must say I'm pleased with all my progress. Now to see what you all think.... First of all my Jim Shore Snowman. I took him with me to my sisters and he moved along OK
There is still the outer ring to go on and lots of beads. It's such a long time since I've stitched anything with beads. It's a wonder I've not been in denial!!!!

Now on to my Gakwonga piece' Ngoma Kem Kem.' This is the third one and Yes I've finished it. yippee...Happy Dances . I've got another one similar to the ones I've already stitched and a couple of ones that have men 'dancing ' and playing drums.
I decided against starting another 'African' type at the moment and have started a Christmas 'Bell Pull'

It's by Lavender Wings and is called 'Star Lite. Star Brite'. Here's my progress on it. It's one I do in the evenings with my feet up!!
I actually took it to my sisters with me but managed to forget all the threads...Oh Age is such a wonderful thing!?!
It's quite a change from one's I've been stitching recently so it makes a pleasant difference.

Next is something I've started as a gift. I had geat illusions of giving it at Christmas but after starting I'm not sure exactly which Christmas it'll be. It is approximately 11" x 13" on 18ct aida. it has 52 colours and 49400 stitches. What do you think my chances are then for this year????
I'm not showing a picture of it nor giving the title so watch this is my progress so far.

This is about 500 stitches..The colours shown are just under half of them and the rest are in similar colour veins. you can probably guess that lots of the shades are consecutive so here's hoping that I don't go wrong too often as I'll have a lot of difficulty deciding what colour is what.

and that includes all the backstitching. I am very pleased with her. The intention is to make her into a cushion for Christmas time and heres hoping that this one will get 100% finished this year. I 've got so many pieces that are stitched but needed framing etc.. Here she is

The next photo is one I asked my DH to take just to prove she really has got 'whiskers'

Just so you know I have been reading blogs when I have been able to displace my DH from his 'Air Traffic control' pastime but due to the computer keyboard problems have left only a few comments. Please rest assured that I enjoy watching your updates and will get back to commenting ASAP. This new keyboard is a nightmare van't spell !!!!

To day is the first time I have used it and I think it is going to take some getting used to. So until next time hope you are all making great stridees forward with your WIPS and that the 'frogs' are all away.
Until next time. Bye for now.