Monday, 27 December 2010

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Happy Dances AT LAST

It seems an age since I blogged. I've been stitching away along with trying to Christmas shop. Must admit I've done better with the cross stitching than I have with the Christmas shopping. I have no ideas really on what to get any one and time is getting nearer.OOOps OOOps and even more OOOps. I'll have it sorted in the end though. Now that's what I call positive thinking.!!

I have been working hard at finishing some of my stitching. The first one to start the music to the happy dancing is the Window Wreath. I have actually finished this one off completely even down to it being mounted and framed.

There was a lot of back stitching on this and it was working with one over two. The finished piece is very pretty and looks quite delicate especially the window panes.

I have finally finished the 'Winter Wonderland' I have to get a frame for it yet though and this will probably come from Sew and So. I got over the stressing about the the fact that so many of the beads just didn't want to let you sew them on. I muttered a lot and got on with it and I am so glad that I did.

Now can you spot the deliberate mistake? (Other than the fact that one is taken with flash and the other isn't)
The sparkle on it is incredible and well worth the music on the dancing starting to get a little louder.

Hold your breath every one wish you could hear the 'fanfare' it's reverberating all around............The Grand Finish........ THE THREE KINGS.........
I am so please with this I wish I could think of enough words to say how it looks. I still have to get it framed and mounted and I had intended taking it to the 'Nimble Thimble for Chris to frame it this last weekend when I was visiting my sister but with the weather being so YUK I was worried about the roads so I didn't take it. Hopefully this next weekend may see it reach the framers as I am off to my sister's again. It's a good job she is an understanding sister for my DH and I keep arriving on her and her DH. for yet another couple of days or so.

The next surprise is The Twelve Days are back out of hiding. I made a start on the 9 Ladies Dancing and then when I went back to it today I couldn't find one of the threads so spent,what seemed like, forever looking for it to discover later that it was under the cover on the frame all the time. Never mind at least I found it. I will be trying to get this finished by Christmas but I think I may just be dreaming still there's alway next Christmas. I think that that will be the more reasonable approach as I am going to make a wall-hanging of it I think and I'll have tp work out the best way of doing that. Any ideas out there?????

I then had a slight detour as I ended up on Ebay hopefully selling some things. It has taken me ages to put everything on between weighing and working out what you call everything. I just hope a bit of it sells so that I'll have a little more room for my next lot of clutter to mount up.!!!
A new start is the Western Santa from the Jim Shore range. Silly me forgot to take a photo so that'll be something to look out for next time. I'm stitching it on the Babbling Brook Jobelan instead of the card that comes in the kit. I know that they work out OK as I did this with the last one I did.
I'm off to a 'panto' with a school next Tuesday so I've been practising my 'He's behind you' lines as I can be as bad as the children. It'll be good fun.
Still trying to catch up with the blogs as we have been having several computer problems, I hope that they'll soon be all sorted out.

Anyway once again thanks for popping in and it you've the time to leave a comment. much appreciated. Good luck with all your stitching Until next time Keep warm
Cheers to you all.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Trying hard BUT not really succeeding!!!!!

Hi there again. Hope you are all on top of your stitching and also the dreaded Christmas Shopping. My husband and I have been out and about searching for the illusive gifts. Not doing very well at the moment but we still have some time to go yet!!! Usually I have it sorted to a degree by now but this year it seems to have beaten me. I just love Christmas time from the carols to the Christmas trees and the look of anticipation on family faces. It can also be a time for stash enhancement, now that's a brilliant thought. Must remember if anyone asks for gift ideas I'll have to have a list ready. Don't know if I've a piece of paper long enough..

Well here's how I've been doing.....not as much as I would have hoped but I've been here there and everywhere again so stitching has been a little difficult. Plus getting the task of selling some of my grandchildren's fancy dress and dance outfits on the old Ebay.
Here goes.....................
Still haven't finished the Mill Hill 'White Christmas'. In fact haven't picked it that's naughty there isn't really that much to do just the rest of the beads.
On the plus side the Window Wreath is coming along. I may actually get this done in time for the festive season. I've been doing this in the evenings when I've been at home. I've all but given up on taking any stitching with me when I go to Grandchildren watching nights, partly because the light isn't good enough to stitch by, but I do get a little done in an afternoon.

My next picture is of one I just decided to do just to cheer myself up. It's call 'Kitchen Included' and it's a kit from Design Works Crafts It was a bit of fun although it ran out of the gold thread so the fancy bow on the front of the dress is missing. It is now waiting in my finishing to do pile. This pile is slowly becoming bigger than my stash pile.

The one I have made most progress on really is the Three Kings. It did fall to the frogging a little though when I realised that I had misread a symbol. Fortunately I hadn't done that much and it was on the side borders I'd read + for x or the other way round. Better get it right before I start again or I will be mumbling. It looks a little 'bitty' at the moment but that's because I can't reach the top of the stitching on my frame so I have to keep turning it round. So I've been stitching 'upside down' so to speak and then I'll have to change it again so that I can finish off a side section. Most of the cross stitching it now finished and it's the beading that I am now concentrating on, there's still quite a lot of beads to go on but I can honestly say that I'm very happy with it. Hope I manage to get it done for Christmas....fingers crossed.

I meant to post this picture last time but totally forgot so please don't think I've gone loopy. I bought these great 'Halloween Owls' for my sons. They came from 'Maisie Moonshine's Handmade Craft Emporium'. I think that they're great. I know that there are some lovely Christmas place settings available so guess who's ordering some.

I must try and catch up on my 'blog' reading as I'm sure some of the blogs I follow will have thought I've vanished. I love reading other blogs and seeing what they are up to in the world of stitching. It's a great source of ideas and of seeing designers you may not have heard of. Off now to try and get a little more stitching done. Until next time.... thanks for popping in and if you've time to leave a comment much appreciated.

Happy stitching to you all

Sunday, 24 October 2010

ON A ROLL.....again

OOps she says. started to post and then I clicked the wrong button and it was gone. I then discovered that I had posted a title all on it's own. Now that's sad.

There I was really pleased with myself thinking I'd do a draft posting so that I can finish it off when I get back from my grand children minding. My days doing that have changed this week as it's half term. I think this is just to confuse me!!! I shall pretend that it never happened and continue in my own wondering way.

Hello there everyone in cross stitch land. Hope you have all been having a productive time. Finally got a completed finish to show you all framed and done properly. It's the Waxing Moon 'Christmas Snow'. It's the one I finished at my sister's house a couple of weeks ago and forgot to photo.

I've also finished stitching the Christmas ornaments, the frames have arrived so I'll have to get them finished. That's often where I go wrong I stitch them and then put them away and forget about them ( Or should I say 'put off' finishing them in case I make a mess of doing it).

Must admit I enjoyed doing these ornaments as they are not something I would normally do.

Still no progress on the 12 Days but again the Three Kings are moving on slowly at the moment but this is partly because I have been grand children minding more than usual and I love doing that. The Three Kings now has the top border about 1/3 completed and I'm beading it as I move along it I've found it easier to follow the pattern. The side borders still need some time spending on them but I'll get there.

A few weeks ago I bought some buttons from Hob-Nobb Designs. Well after lots of sole searching about where I was up to with everything I decided I'd do one of them.My choice was the 'Snowflake Snowman'. I have stitched it on a pale lavender linen, the outer border is Gentle Arts-Sugarplum, the inner border is Gentle Arts - Cornflower, the centre band is Gentle Arts- Potpourri, the snowflakes are DMC- White. This is the first time I have used any over-dyed thread and must admit I love the finish but found I had to work hard to remember to do each stitch individually and also was surprised how much the thread seemed to twist. Hope you like the result.

I may just have to find another one out now and do that one. But wait a minute ...NOTE TO SELF: COMPLETE THREE KINGS AND GET A MOVE ON WITH THE 12 DAYS....
I have been doing a little better on my Window Wreath. Although I did take it with me when I went to visit my niece one evening. Actually I was delivering something for her other half after dropping off two of my grand-daughters at the final night of the Centenary of Girl Guiding. The Centenary finale was well thought out as the guides attending re-took their promises at 20.10 on the 20th of the 10th in 2010. So it's just the time and date to remember. Clever don't you think? Anyhow back to my visit. My niece industrious stitched away at her piece and I plodded along with mine, her other half then casually asked ' How much have you actually done? You seem to be taking a good deal back.' I had been found out. The small amount I'd done had been stitched in the wrong colour followed by the wrong place. I probably put in about ten stitches in the right place and colour in about 1 1/2 hours. Is this a record???

Today I have been shopping, well I was looking for some square photo frames. I've worn my feet out and haven't managed to find one. Evidently square is not in fashion at the moment. I'm devastated as I wanted them to frame some of my cross stitch. I'll have to look on line (hadn't thought of that when I went shopping). Still I bought some rather fetching fluorescent socks, also some earrings ........... guess what I'm doing this weekend.!!!!!!


Here's my FINISHED CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS I'm really rather pleased with them. I'm trying to decide whether to tie some red ribbon bows round the top of the frame. That's one I'll have to think about.

That's it for now. Many thanks for popping in. If you've time please leave a comment much appreciated they are. Until next time Happy Haunting Halloween to you all. Have super spooky time.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

More finishes!!!

Beautiful day today. Picture postcard sky and really warm. My DH and I went visiting my sister and her DH again last weekend. Lovely time had by all. My DH vanishes off on to the local golf course and generally comes back with throbbing feet from having gone round and round the course. (He says he has enjoyed himself though). While there this time I started my Waxing Moon Christmas Moon design and finished it. I haven't got a picture though as I left it with my sister to take it to 'The Nimble Thimble' for framing. Silly me, I'll put a picture on as soon as I get it backI.
I also did a little stash enhancing with anotherWaxing Moon Design 'Our family is like Fudge. Very Sweet with a few nuts.' This is Oh so true!! It's worked with Gentle Arts Threads and one Weeks Dye Works, this is a step into the unknown for me as this will be the first time I have ever used them. I have also bought the frame shown from the Poppy Designs so I'm looking forward to starting it. Must admit I still have to buy the fabric and I'll probably buy this from Sew and So.

I still haven't done anymore stitching on my 12 Days of Christmas but my 'Three Kings' is coming along well, just the top border and both the side pieces to finish. This time I have tried to get a better colour but in doing this I seem to have it an angle, Oh well I suppose you can't have everything. One out of two would be OK (even that seems to be difficult).

I've been browsing the web and have seen the new Jim Shore designs of the 'Playing Cards', being quite a Jim Shore fan I rather like these although I'm not too sure about the Queen's face. Perhaps these will have to go on my Christmas Wish List.
A pat on the back is deserved as I have finally put some more stitches into The Window Wreath poor thing it's be languishing a bit in a bag, not really forgotten just didn't have the inspiration needed to do it.

Been busy beading the Mill Hill Winter Wonderland but decided not to take a photo of it now until it's completed. The petite beads are a bit of a pain as so many of them will not allow the head of the beading needle through the hole. Am I the only person in the whole world that this happens to? Now I know I'm not but isn't it frustrating? I just hope that I'll have sufficient beads to complete it. Must admit I'm considering emailing Mill Hill to tell them of the problem.

My Christmas ornaments have moved on though and there are now only another two to do.

I am buying the round frames for them fromFramecraft having what has seemed to be a nightmare trying to find the size needed. They will pop up all over everywhere now and I'll see them on every website going.

In the past I have made and sold teddy bears. I haven't done it now for quite a while but it doesn't stop me enjoying the little furry beings and passing on any info. So to anyone who has a soft spot for bears there is an Autumn Giveaway onBearbits. Must say he looks a cute little one with her friend.

Off now to make some Flapjacks for one of my grandsons. My DH makes fudge and sends it to our grandchildren but one of the grandsons doesn't like it so he gets flapjacks and last week I forgot them so this week it's his turn for the goodies. (I'll probably be his 'best friend' for a short while.)

Again Thank you for popping in and leaving you friendly comments. They keep up my stitching needle going.
Until next time

Monday, 27 September 2010

How Many Days to Christmas??? Panick Alert

Hi there to you all yet again. My stitching seems to be taking a bit of a turn for the worse at the moment. I'm trying hard to keep on top of it but I seem to have a bit of a wandering mind set. I haven't even put on the frame my 12 Days of Christmas so unless I can get my head in gear the chances of it being finished in time for this Christmas could be doubtful. I have been getting on with 'The Three Kings' though. I am pleased with progress here as I am almost at the top of the inner border on the right hand side although there are still the beads to sew on. All three kings are finished stitching and beading as is the most of the background which was rather fiddly. So it's just a case of knuckling down and getting the rest of the border done. Perhaps that my best bet is to get this one finished and then concentrate hard on the 12 Days.
The colours yet again don't seem to have come out right I wish I knew what I was doing wrong, I just can't get the lighting conditions to do it justice.

I have made some progress on the Christmas decorations that I started to give myself a bit of a boost. There will be eight of them when finished and I'll have to order the frames for them in due course.

This one when finished shows animals in the stable. They all look a bit odd without the back stitching on. My DH has yet to recognize any of them before b-stitching!!

Just to show that my garden is as muddled up as I am, here is a picture of a 'spring' flowering clematis called 'Ruby Wedding'. Flowering beautifully in the wrong season. Could this be 'Global Warming'???

Some things are at the right time The grapes are changing colour. Yippee.

Winter Wonderland has moved on. Must admit in the past I have had the Mill Hill Bead designs done in no time at all. I think I have done all the cross stitching on it and have to finish off the beading, quite a few on this particular piece are the petite beads so have to be cross stitched on to look good. It a very pretty piece and when the lights catch the beads it looks stunning. I know that Mill Hill have release another 'blue' based design that will look good with this one. (Must think about that one.)

For a change I went to watch my eldest grand-daughter playing netball last Wednesday. It was a coolish evening and as I had finally bought myself a waterproof/windproof coat I decided to wear it. Was I glad!! It rained,rained and more rained just like stair rods. At least I was dry and warm. The girls (who play in a Womens' League) drew. They played really well and I think if it hadn't been for the weather conditions would more than likely have won. Still I'll be watching again next week and will see how they go on then.
I've also been doing a bit of reading. It's a book titled 'The Conquest' by Elizabeth Chadwick. it's taking place about the time of the 'Norman Conquest' in England 1066 and all that. It's the third book I have read by the same author recently and true to form read them in the back to front chronological order, you know that seems just about right for me.

I've just realised my head has jumped a bit I've forgotten all about Halloween. I haven t stitched one Halloween thing, nor have I anything to stitch Oh Boo Hoo.

I've been having problems just trying to write this blog as the save part keeps failing and I haven't been able to upload pictures(Oh Whoa is Me) it's taken an age. Anyhow moan over. Finally managed to do it.

Again thanks for popping in and hope you can find the time to leave a comment. Until next time Happy stitching to you all.

Monday, 13 September 2010

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

A little late with the old blogging but here we go again. I was away last week staying with my grand-daughter while her siblings were away on their school PGL week and her Mum and Dad had gone away for a few days. I did take some stitching with me but didn't manage a lot as I was helping her with a needlework project from last year school term that had gone horribly wrong (not her fault I hasten to add). The fabric that the school had provided her with to make an apron for her 5 year old cousin was rather like lining material and slid all over everywhere, she was supposed to have appliquéd another slippy fabric on to it. Well she did her best but everything just frayed and she ended up very upset, so I found some other material and she started from scratch. It got finished and I think she will now have given it to her cousin. So sorry I haven't got a photo of this work of art but it did look quite good. Any how that's my excuse for not having done stacks of stitching.
When I get back home one of the first things I do is have a look round our small garden and these roses had come out in defiance of the fading summer ....Good for them I say.

I had decided a few weeks ago that I would stitch some Christmas ornaments for my eldest son for his tree. I am taking some designs from Donna Kooler's 555 Christmas Designs ' Inspirational Christmas' hanging. There will 8 of them and I intend to put them into small circular frames.

The colours are more pastel than I had imagined but I am sticking with the stated DMC threads.

I also dug out Window Wreath, I started it a few months ago but never seem to get round to putting any stitches on it. So I surprised it's very pretty actually and there are some very subtle colour shadings. It's single thread two over two and I forget when I start doing it so out come the frogs for a short while.

What do you think of my apples they look as if they have come directly from 'the Wicked Queen's basket' (when she had changed into the Old Lady) from Snow White.

Oh yes! back to stitching. I finished my 'I Believe' by Mill Hill while at my sisters a couple of weeks ago and am very pleased with it.

Also back out for a few days was 'Castles in the Air' I haven't yet caught up all the downloads as I have the right hand side to finish and I wouldn't mind thinking that the next download will be here before I've done it, still never mind there are several months of it to go and if I concentrate on my Christmas pieces and get them finished then I should have plenty of time to catch it up then (I hope) . So I thought you might like to see it unrolled for a full view of it so far.

Back to my Christmas Themes 'The Three Kings' have found their way back onto the stand. I spent yesterday sewing on some of the zillions of beads that needed to be caught up and there are still a lot more to go on. The bottom left hand side is almost complete, just a few purple beads to go on there and then that small section will be complete. Hopefully this will definitely be completed for Christmas time. I just love doing these Jim Shore ones, stacks of beads and lots of colour.

Last but not least Winter Wonderland by Mill Hill started but not yet quite finished.

All the beads to put on it and the rabbit button, I'll have to get on with it and then my finish list doesn't look quite so appalling compared to some of you stitchers out there. I really am quite green with envy at the speed some of you can stitch.

Many thanks as always for popping in and leaving you inspirational comments. Until next time Enjoy your Stitching.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Finishing, Start and Enhancing

Here we go posting day again. The Big Finish of 'Break Time', finally and with great relief the mammoth UFO is completed. I did enjoy doing the face and hair as it was so bright and cheerful, he does look quite a friendly chap. Currently it is stretched out along the back of out settee still waiting to be ironed and also to be decided on exactly WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH IT? I have been looking for fabric to turn it into a wall-hanging but up to now have found nothing that appeals in the least, so I guess that for a while it'll be rolled up and stored until a bright idea comes to me.

With the completion of Break Time it was a case of looking for the next UFO for Jen's I've Started so I'll Finish....Eventually. I came to the conclusion that I'd pick one that I'd put away because I thought that I had used all the wrong coloured red beads and was totally demoralised by it. It was cast to 'To Do' cupboard before Christmas LAST YEAR ( now that's an improvement on some of my UFO's). This is how it looked on Thursday last week when we went down to visit my sister for a few days

Once again some pictures of our garden. This lily is taller than I am, must admit that doesn't take a great deal of doing as I am only approximately 5'2", it is absolutely beautiful.
Now this clematis was given to us by my sister when it had decided that it didn't want to flower anymore!! It was a case of perhaps different soil may give it a boost and WOW it really has done.

Just to prove that the grapes are growing and starting to look like grapes here you are. There are several bunches and we are hoping that they will keep on fattening up

Back to some cross stitching updates. The 8 Maids a Milking is now completed and must admit that I am very pleased with it. The 12 days are now back up to date so mini happy dance. The colours on it are beautiful but once again I don't seem able to photograph them to show how pretty they look.

'Castles in the Air' has appeared back at the top again and is now back on the stand to try and catch up a little. The latest download has got some blackwork on which makes a pleasant change, I decided that I'd do the left hand side and then move over and do both the missing downloads on the right hand side( if that makes sense). I've made a start on download 14 but then off to my sister's house so it'll have to wait.

Whilst visiting big sis I decided to get my DH to take me to The Nimble Thimble (a shop of dreams) and did a little enhancing. I was really taken by the design by Waxing Moon Designs.
I purchased the 28ct 'Crystal Magic' Cashel and also the
beautiful frame by 'Poppy Kreations'. I have a feeling that this isn't going to be left hiding for a long time.
I had taken some stitching with me and decided to boost my moral by starting something new (naughty me) instead of working to complete some smaller easier transportable piece. This is the one I have started... guess what back to beads!!!

Once again thank you for popping in and also taking the time to leave a comment. They are so much appreciated.
Until next time Happy Stitching to you all