Sunday, 24 October 2010

ON A ROLL.....again

OOps she says. started to post and then I clicked the wrong button and it was gone. I then discovered that I had posted a title all on it's own. Now that's sad.

There I was really pleased with myself thinking I'd do a draft posting so that I can finish it off when I get back from my grand children minding. My days doing that have changed this week as it's half term. I think this is just to confuse me!!! I shall pretend that it never happened and continue in my own wondering way.

Hello there everyone in cross stitch land. Hope you have all been having a productive time. Finally got a completed finish to show you all framed and done properly. It's the Waxing Moon 'Christmas Snow'. It's the one I finished at my sister's house a couple of weeks ago and forgot to photo.

I've also finished stitching the Christmas ornaments, the frames have arrived so I'll have to get them finished. That's often where I go wrong I stitch them and then put them away and forget about them ( Or should I say 'put off' finishing them in case I make a mess of doing it).

Must admit I enjoyed doing these ornaments as they are not something I would normally do.

Still no progress on the 12 Days but again the Three Kings are moving on slowly at the moment but this is partly because I have been grand children minding more than usual and I love doing that. The Three Kings now has the top border about 1/3 completed and I'm beading it as I move along it I've found it easier to follow the pattern. The side borders still need some time spending on them but I'll get there.

A few weeks ago I bought some buttons from Hob-Nobb Designs. Well after lots of sole searching about where I was up to with everything I decided I'd do one of them.My choice was the 'Snowflake Snowman'. I have stitched it on a pale lavender linen, the outer border is Gentle Arts-Sugarplum, the inner border is Gentle Arts - Cornflower, the centre band is Gentle Arts- Potpourri, the snowflakes are DMC- White. This is the first time I have used any over-dyed thread and must admit I love the finish but found I had to work hard to remember to do each stitch individually and also was surprised how much the thread seemed to twist. Hope you like the result.

I may just have to find another one out now and do that one. But wait a minute ...NOTE TO SELF: COMPLETE THREE KINGS AND GET A MOVE ON WITH THE 12 DAYS....
I have been doing a little better on my Window Wreath. Although I did take it with me when I went to visit my niece one evening. Actually I was delivering something for her other half after dropping off two of my grand-daughters at the final night of the Centenary of Girl Guiding. The Centenary finale was well thought out as the guides attending re-took their promises at 20.10 on the 20th of the 10th in 2010. So it's just the time and date to remember. Clever don't you think? Anyhow back to my visit. My niece industrious stitched away at her piece and I plodded along with mine, her other half then casually asked ' How much have you actually done? You seem to be taking a good deal back.' I had been found out. The small amount I'd done had been stitched in the wrong colour followed by the wrong place. I probably put in about ten stitches in the right place and colour in about 1 1/2 hours. Is this a record???

Today I have been shopping, well I was looking for some square photo frames. I've worn my feet out and haven't managed to find one. Evidently square is not in fashion at the moment. I'm devastated as I wanted them to frame some of my cross stitch. I'll have to look on line (hadn't thought of that when I went shopping). Still I bought some rather fetching fluorescent socks, also some earrings ........... guess what I'm doing this weekend.!!!!!!


Here's my FINISHED CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS I'm really rather pleased with them. I'm trying to decide whether to tie some red ribbon bows round the top of the frame. That's one I'll have to think about.

That's it for now. Many thanks for popping in. If you've time please leave a comment much appreciated they are. Until next time Happy Haunting Halloween to you all. Have super spooky time.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

More finishes!!!

Beautiful day today. Picture postcard sky and really warm. My DH and I went visiting my sister and her DH again last weekend. Lovely time had by all. My DH vanishes off on to the local golf course and generally comes back with throbbing feet from having gone round and round the course. (He says he has enjoyed himself though). While there this time I started my Waxing Moon Christmas Moon design and finished it. I haven't got a picture though as I left it with my sister to take it to 'The Nimble Thimble' for framing. Silly me, I'll put a picture on as soon as I get it backI.
I also did a little stash enhancing with anotherWaxing Moon Design 'Our family is like Fudge. Very Sweet with a few nuts.' This is Oh so true!! It's worked with Gentle Arts Threads and one Weeks Dye Works, this is a step into the unknown for me as this will be the first time I have ever used them. I have also bought the frame shown from the Poppy Designs so I'm looking forward to starting it. Must admit I still have to buy the fabric and I'll probably buy this from Sew and So.

I still haven't done anymore stitching on my 12 Days of Christmas but my 'Three Kings' is coming along well, just the top border and both the side pieces to finish. This time I have tried to get a better colour but in doing this I seem to have it an angle, Oh well I suppose you can't have everything. One out of two would be OK (even that seems to be difficult).

I've been browsing the web and have seen the new Jim Shore designs of the 'Playing Cards', being quite a Jim Shore fan I rather like these although I'm not too sure about the Queen's face. Perhaps these will have to go on my Christmas Wish List.
A pat on the back is deserved as I have finally put some more stitches into The Window Wreath poor thing it's be languishing a bit in a bag, not really forgotten just didn't have the inspiration needed to do it.

Been busy beading the Mill Hill Winter Wonderland but decided not to take a photo of it now until it's completed. The petite beads are a bit of a pain as so many of them will not allow the head of the beading needle through the hole. Am I the only person in the whole world that this happens to? Now I know I'm not but isn't it frustrating? I just hope that I'll have sufficient beads to complete it. Must admit I'm considering emailing Mill Hill to tell them of the problem.

My Christmas ornaments have moved on though and there are now only another two to do.

I am buying the round frames for them fromFramecraft having what has seemed to be a nightmare trying to find the size needed. They will pop up all over everywhere now and I'll see them on every website going.

In the past I have made and sold teddy bears. I haven't done it now for quite a while but it doesn't stop me enjoying the little furry beings and passing on any info. So to anyone who has a soft spot for bears there is an Autumn Giveaway onBearbits. Must say he looks a cute little one with her friend.

Off now to make some Flapjacks for one of my grandsons. My DH makes fudge and sends it to our grandchildren but one of the grandsons doesn't like it so he gets flapjacks and last week I forgot them so this week it's his turn for the goodies. (I'll probably be his 'best friend' for a short while.)

Again Thank you for popping in and leaving you friendly comments. They keep up my stitching needle going.
Until next time