Sunday, 18 July 2010

Water, Water everywhere but not a drop to ......water the garden with

Hose pipe ban in full force. Absolutely pouring down! That seems to be the way it goes. We have been told it's not the right kind of rain or else in the wrong place. Sounds very strange, fortunately I know what they mean but it doesn't help the bad feeling when watching water coming out of underground pipes that need repairing by the water company. That's the grumble over.

Now to happier things. My DH and I have been away this weekend. He's been on the old golf course thoroughly enjoying himself. Mind you his feet ache and his shoulders need a massage, could be from lack of golf playing through the injury earlier in the year or else the fact that 'Old Father Time' keeps chasing him and he's starting to find he's catching up!!!.
I had a good weekend stitching as did my sister. I took with me the dreaded Break Time, which I started by following Jen's I've Started so I'll Finish....Eventually. I have to be honest and say I haven't yet got a picture of the latest progress made this weekend but I have an update of prior advance. He's coming along well and I have at least got a sense of achievement from how he's doing.

I have been thinking about what to do with him when he's finished and top of the list of ideas at the moment is a hanging for the bedroom my grand-children use when they come. I'm still considering this though. I'm not the best at finishing things like that and I really don't want him to look a mess. Has anyone any good finishing tips???

I promised last time that I'd post my picture of The 12 Days of Christmas, 6 Geese a Laying after I had beaded it so here it is. There are still missing some red beads off the wing as i have yet to order them.
I have started the next part being the 7 Swans but up to now have only done 2 1/2 sides of the frame, that is my current WIP on my frame. Both the Twelve Days and the Three Kings were started for YoYo's Christmas Blog. I haven't heard anything for an age off Yoyo and am becoming very concerned.

The best progress has been made on The Three Kings. Despite a visit form the frogs where I took out a full section of the base pattern believing I had counted the centre square 1 stitch out, only to discover after I'd taken it all out that it was right in the first place. I can tell you I cried all the way to the kettle. Put the stitching away and started again the next day. After giving myself a good shake and making sure that I had my good frame of mind in control I set to on the third King. I can tell you his robe is a pain with fiddly back stitch round the sections that seem to make up the 'flower leaves on the robe. Granted they look worth it when you can see it for rea, the colours are lovely. At least this time the photo has a better colour, last time it looked washed out.

Last week I went to Liverpool on a visit with one of the school's I volunteer at. Must say we all had a great day we visited the World Museum. The children had been studying Egypt at school, the museum had a super Egypt display and question hunt, We also went in the planetarium and that was also superb all the pupils enjoyed it even though several of the girls clutched hands because of the sometimes intense dark. It a place I would recommend if you aren't too far from there for 'Summer Hols' visits,
Off now to watch the 'High Lights' of the 'Tour de France'. I'll be out of breath after about 2 minutes. I just don't know how they do it.

Happy stitching to you all. Thanks for visiting, Bye for now.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Just a bit of this and a bit of that.

The weather has still been fantastic. Just a couple of days that were a little undecided. We have had some rain but mostly overnight. Still spending a lot of time in the garden . We have been painting the fencing and redoing the back gate. It is now looking quite smart again. After power-washing the brick paving we now have to re-point quite a lot of it. Oh dear! Must admit though it looks a good deal brighter than it was, well worth my DH's efforts and my clearing up and brewing up job.
We have been having strawberries and ice cream. It's great when you can just pick them and 'Yummy' they have tasted delicious, we have never had so many so it's been great.

Cross-stitching had been a little on the back-burner because of the outside tidy up. I have beaded all the 6 Geese (honestly) but alas I have forgotten to take a picture so that'll have to be a wait for next time.
I spent and extra day grand children caring this week. All to do with the month end causing extra work and also covering for their other grandma who's having a weeks holiday in Spain. She went looking for the sun! I think we found it by staying in the UK.
Anyway because of the extra time away from home I have been able to do more on Break time. So here at long last is the BIG ROLL UP.

All the back stitching is done so when it vanishes around the roller I at least know I don't have to worry over whether I have forgotten any bits. So now it's the check jacket and smiley face as my next targets. With a little bit of luck it'll be finished sooner than I anticipated. (Well perhaps a lot of luck).

I have managed to catch up part of Castles in the Air I think I have just done part 12. I spend quite a lot of time trying to figure out what part will come next, but obviously to no avail. Guess what I just finish a bit and another download arrives.

That will have to wait as I am trying to get myself focused back on the Three Kings, now they haven't been stitched on for the last month. I am going to have to do some serious stitching on it to get it back on track and for some reason I'm having a bit of a problem getting going. I have decided to do part of the third King and then the bottom border so that the bottom section will be completed.
I must to get started on The 'Seven Swans a Swimming', only so that I stand a chance of having it done for THIS Xmas. I always enjoy stitching it no idea why, I find it sort of grabs you and away you go. After the swans I'll be onto all the 'people 'parts so that'll be interesting. Hoping to go visiting my sister again shortly. It's so enjoyable when we go. My DH goes playing his beloved golf and my sister and I usually get quite an amount of stitching done. Her DH potters in the garden (he is known periodically to turn his hand to stitching), he's always doing something so he's always busy.

Here's an extra picture for you. DRUM ROLL TA TARA TA TARA.

Here's Break Time progress since the roll up. He really is growing. Shame the chart isn't clearer hate to admit some of it is guess work.

Hope you all have a good time enjoying the weather or doing your stitching or whatever you get pleasure from. Until next time

Happy stitching to you all and once again thanks for visiting and leaving your comments.