Monday, 27 December 2010

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Happy Dances AT LAST

It seems an age since I blogged. I've been stitching away along with trying to Christmas shop. Must admit I've done better with the cross stitching than I have with the Christmas shopping. I have no ideas really on what to get any one and time is getting nearer.OOOps OOOps and even more OOOps. I'll have it sorted in the end though. Now that's what I call positive thinking.!!

I have been working hard at finishing some of my stitching. The first one to start the music to the happy dancing is the Window Wreath. I have actually finished this one off completely even down to it being mounted and framed.

There was a lot of back stitching on this and it was working with one over two. The finished piece is very pretty and looks quite delicate especially the window panes.

I have finally finished the 'Winter Wonderland' I have to get a frame for it yet though and this will probably come from Sew and So. I got over the stressing about the the fact that so many of the beads just didn't want to let you sew them on. I muttered a lot and got on with it and I am so glad that I did.

Now can you spot the deliberate mistake? (Other than the fact that one is taken with flash and the other isn't)
The sparkle on it is incredible and well worth the music on the dancing starting to get a little louder.

Hold your breath every one wish you could hear the 'fanfare' it's reverberating all around............The Grand Finish........ THE THREE KINGS.........
I am so please with this I wish I could think of enough words to say how it looks. I still have to get it framed and mounted and I had intended taking it to the 'Nimble Thimble for Chris to frame it this last weekend when I was visiting my sister but with the weather being so YUK I was worried about the roads so I didn't take it. Hopefully this next weekend may see it reach the framers as I am off to my sister's again. It's a good job she is an understanding sister for my DH and I keep arriving on her and her DH. for yet another couple of days or so.

The next surprise is The Twelve Days are back out of hiding. I made a start on the 9 Ladies Dancing and then when I went back to it today I couldn't find one of the threads so spent,what seemed like, forever looking for it to discover later that it was under the cover on the frame all the time. Never mind at least I found it. I will be trying to get this finished by Christmas but I think I may just be dreaming still there's alway next Christmas. I think that that will be the more reasonable approach as I am going to make a wall-hanging of it I think and I'll have tp work out the best way of doing that. Any ideas out there?????

I then had a slight detour as I ended up on Ebay hopefully selling some things. It has taken me ages to put everything on between weighing and working out what you call everything. I just hope a bit of it sells so that I'll have a little more room for my next lot of clutter to mount up.!!!
A new start is the Western Santa from the Jim Shore range. Silly me forgot to take a photo so that'll be something to look out for next time. I'm stitching it on the Babbling Brook Jobelan instead of the card that comes in the kit. I know that they work out OK as I did this with the last one I did.
I'm off to a 'panto' with a school next Tuesday so I've been practising my 'He's behind you' lines as I can be as bad as the children. It'll be good fun.
Still trying to catch up with the blogs as we have been having several computer problems, I hope that they'll soon be all sorted out.

Anyway once again thanks for popping in and it you've the time to leave a comment. much appreciated. Good luck with all your stitching Until next time Keep warm
Cheers to you all.