Sunday, 15 July 2012

Progress, Finishes and ' Bits and Pieces.'

What a surprise! It's so long since I've blogged everything is different.  It says it is now easier....... Well it may be for some of you ( probably most of you) but this is already the second attempt at posting.  It all vanished...I take it that it doesn't automatically save anymore....Boo Hoo.  Any way here's a little of what I've been up to.  I went to my niece's Wedding at Easter and it was absolutely beautiful ( am not putting pics on as I know that they have been all over the Web already) even the weather was sort of kind.
I have been sewing though slowly I must admit but Here are some pics to show you  my progress.

 This is one of my Halloweeny ones by Stony Creek  I have had a great deal of fun doing this and it helped me find my holidaying mojo!!!!
 Thought you may like to see our strawberry flowers.  The strawbs that appeared have now all been eaten but new ones are still coming.   I've just notice the date on the picture!!! That means my DH has been doing something to the camera and muddled up the date  HORROR of HORRORS
I just wish I had 'smelly web' these pinks smelt gorgeous as well as being so very pretty to see.
well here's my secret stitch as I like to call it it is taking a lot of doing but it is quite enjoyable....that is when I'm not pulling my hair out trying to work out where exactly I am up to and I said ages ago the colours as just so close in a great many places.  Must admit this photo looks abit washed out  perhaps it's all the rain!!
Now I want a LOUD FANFARE  I actually have a finish.  It's one of my African Ladies that I do enjoy doing.  I'm afraid that you'll have to see her lying down as for some reason the photo thingy won't let me turn her round (I'm having a bad time)  still she still looks good.
Currently I haven't done any sewing for the last few weeks.  We have emptied our loft and apart from eating dust I am on the BIG LEGO BUILD basically checking to see exactly how may pieces have been lost since the Lego last saw light of day about 30years ago. I can tell you the amount of 'stuff' that came out of the loft was quite amazing I'm not sure how the ceiling stayed up!!!  It's now a case of sorting and recycling etc.etc.etc.

Now for one the nicest things that has happened recently  my Eldest Grand-daughter reached the old age of 16years and like all others of the age attended her School Prom I know that this photo has been on the web but she looked so lovely I just wanted to share her again
Oops Guess I'm still getting it wrong.  Still just to prove she was lovely 16 years ago as well.

Hope all the other 'Prom' goers had a lovely time

Until next time happy stitching to you all and hope not to leave it so long.......


Monday, 13 February 2012

Here we are again...Happy as Can Be.........

Hi there everyone. Guess what, I've been trying to get my 'mojo'back after Christmas and what happened?????

You've guessed. I've had a virus. I thought it was a cold but whatever it was it wiped me out somewhat. I had it for just over a fortnight. It was strange as my head felt OK but my nose wouldn't stop running and I have coughed so much I had a great shortage of sleep. Sooo no volounteering at the schools and I couldn't get into stitching just wanted to sleep.
Still all better now and on a bit of a fitness kick. I am one the most sedentary people in the Universe but I am trying loose a little weight and get a bit fitter ( One can always hope). So I have started walking. Now I know that sounds a little strange because I learnt how to do that many years ago but I thought I'd better try using the talent more than I have been doing in recent years. I am strictly a fair weather walker and building it up and trying to walk faster than I did. Perhaps the fantastic 'Pear Shape ' that I am may just become a little less obvious. Wish me luck.
I have been back doing my grandchildren minding ( including getting frozen watching the old netball matches) dropping off and collecting from the school after whatever activites finish. I also now fit in collecting my eldest son from his work (he's a lorry driver) and delivering him home , not too sure how I do it but hey it's all good fun.
This last weekend I had three grandchildren over to stop. The middle one is doing a 'Creative badge' at scouts so he wanted to make some biscuity things and came armed with a recipe book. So we made some peppermint creams and a version of 'rice krispie' cakes using a crunchy cereal with strawberries in it. We weren't sure whether or not it would work but he gave it a go and the three young ones + my DH thought they were 'yummy'

I went in January to see the Village Panto again, this year it was Jack and Jill. The female part of my twin grandchildren was Jill and have to say she was good. One of her school friends played Jack. The girls never missed a line, I was very proud of both the girls, they had worked so hard for many months and both of them were tired out at the end of the four performances that were done. Congratulations to all the cast of the St James Players Lostock Hall.

Now at last to stitchy things. Firstly here are some pictures that I promised last time of some charts I got for Christmas. An odd selecion I suppose but that's me!!

As I said I have been trying to find my 'mojo' and although it's not completely lost getting back sewing has been quite hard. but here is what I have been doing.
I have been stitching another of the African Themed pieces that I enjoy doing this one is called 'Muthuguthi' - Dancing Warrior. Once again the colours are vibrant

This is how I am doing.
I am hoping the next time I blog to have almost completed it. Now that's a challenge for me.

The one that is causing me most headaches is my so named Secret Stitch ( if you remember it was supposed to be a surprise for Christmas 2011!!) I am really struggling trying to get my head round the colours and the total confetti covering that it is made up of. In the real it does look good and I am sure that when it's finished I'll be euphoric.
I am trying to catch up on Blog commenting but for some reason I still don't seem able to comment on some blogs I think the way of doing it has altered and I don't seem able to follow what I'm supposed to do. Something about signing in to some contact thingy or other. I'll have to get my DH to explain it to me.....that is of course if I can get him off the computer where he forgets time playing games!!!!!!! I figure the only time I can actually get on is the middle of the night and to be honest I'm not going to do that.

Anyhow that's it for now. I'll try and get my commenting sorted out because I so enjoy reading and seeing how you are all getting on with your different stitchy things. Until next time I am watching. Happy stitching to you all

Monday, 16 January 2012

Don't Faint. It.s Me!!!!!

Happy New Year to you all. My computer is now working.....hopefully. I know that it is an absolute age since I blogged. I've had a busy time. I went volunteering at Chirk castle before Christmas telling stories. I love doing this and I must have read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' about fifty times over a ten hour period split into two days. and also making up my version of 'Rudolf' I read to all age groups and had a Christmas sing song at the end of each story telling or reading. Takes days to gat the old voice back.
On a Christmas theme I did a little stitching for my sister in law and then forgot to take a photo. But I did some 'Bottle Aprons' a quick stitch but effective.
I decided that I'd make some coasters for my DH and I for our Christmas table

I also made the effort and finished off 'Starlite, Star Brite'. Must say it was good to see something actuallly finshed completely.

I had some lovely Christmas gifts from my family from clothing to smellies. I also had a beautiful cross stitched Christmas ornament and a scissor keep along with a frogging needle. ( Now I really can't imagine what you use a frogging needle for) it looks very pretty

I was also given some Charts. These are really great. I am now in the process of getting all the threads and fabric together. I have taken a pic. of some of them and next post I'll be showing you some more.

I didn't manage to finish my 'Surprise Christmas Gift' not that I'm so surprised. Still there is another Christmas. I am just starting to get back into stitching after getting hooked on playing 'Mystery Games' by Big Fish Hidden object Games they are and they are quite addictive. so it's a good job that our computer now seems to be happier.
Here's my Mystery Stitch
This is really hard to get 'you eyeback in' with this, as it is all one stitch here and one stitch there and the colours are all so very close.
I have also made a start on another piece but as I have forgotten to take a photo I'll leave you guessing.

My apologies to Cath at Stitching Chicken, I did try to contact you over the African designs but for some reason it was refused but thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm off now as my Mystery stitchiis awaiting me. See you all next time.

Friday, 2 December 2011

It's Me. I have been watching

It's me. I know you're all going to collapse. Firstly appologies to all I have been following your blogs when I 've been able to get access to computer but for some reason there have only been a few comments that have been posted. I keep getting and 'ERROR' message and so the comment gets blocked, rather frustrating but know idea what. why or anything else. Anyhow not to worry just sad for me.
I have been stitching away though in between my normal chaotic diary. My physio has definitely had it's ups and downs. I was doing well and then I went after having very little sleep for several days because of pain and felt ghastly. The Physio shook her head at me and announced that she didn't know what else she could do. Now that made me feel really great. But at my last visit there was some good improvement so I'll go with that and just keep up with the exercises. At the moment my head feels as though it's wobbling around on a disconnected neck, been like that since my last physio visit. Is this a good thing I wonder.!!!
Still on to stitchy things. At long last I am able to say many Thanks to Elaine for the amazing parcel that arrived from her when I won her 'Give-Away' it's truly incredible. Just glance at these pics.

There were also some charts but hold my hand up I forgot to take a picture of them. The Lady- bird pillow is lovely and so well finished. It was like opening a treasure trove. of fabrics and threads so once again many thaks Elaine.

Now for my stitchy things.

I have been stitching a Lavender Wings 'Star lite Star Brite', I enjoyed this I took it with me on a sister visit

Here it is now all stitched I have now to get 'Bell Pull' so that I can finish it off. my pet hate. Finishing I just never seem to get round to it.


How many of you remember my Twelve Days of Christmas? Well no it still is completely finished but I have finally managed to get some fabric to back it.

It's Jim Shore , the now discontinued, 12 Days of Christmas fabric. I've bought some felt, to act a batting, as I am turning it into a large wall hanging. I am now scratching my head as to the best way to do it. I'm so worried about spoiling it as it took so many months to stitch it.

Now for Agneatha. She is now a cushion cover(courtesy of my Sister) she really looks lovely just waiting for Christmas

And last, but not least ,my secret stitch I have been working like mad on this but there's really no hope of it being done for Christmas. up to press I 've done approximately 12400 stitches I definitely think you'll have a very good idea of what it is now.

Hopefully I will be able to post again before so long and that I soon be able to leave comments. My DH is trying his best to find out the problem but it is still defeating him. But please remember I am watching. Until next time Keep up the good work with those needles. Cheers Flo

Friday, 11 November 2011

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ups, Downs and Updates

Hi there everyone. Hope you're all OK.
Well I've had a real up and down few weeks. I started my physio on my knee that I hurt in a fall some months ago and also on my neck that I hurt earlier this year. Yes! I am a walking (hobbling) disaster. I was more than a little nerveous for my first visit to the physio expecting a 10ft. tall he man and so many people had told how much I was going to get pummled about. Guess what no such thing ..My physio is a very nice lady who is quite petite. I did come out rather confused......apparently I stand wonky that is I put more weight on my right leg (because my left leg gives way) and therefore I don't stand straight anymore. Oooops no 1. My leg muscles aren't working properly Oooops no 2. My neck doesn't like turning properly so I've got all these exercises to do three times a day. I have done them but end up with gross headaches Ooops no 3. Back for my second appointment. I have now been given extra exercises for my leg and believe it or not I am now standing better. ....Not of course that I was aware of standing wonky in the first place. My neck is not too happy but I'll keep perceveering and hope that there will be a breakthrough soon. At least if there is I'll perhaps be able to get a better night sleep.
Now to my family. I'm back in the routine of hockey and netball taking, plus the occasional football sorting out. My younger son is a field hockey player and a week ago rang to let me know that he'd been hit in the face at the match and was sporting a possible broken nose and a couple of black eyes. On hearing this my mind went back to when, with both my sons , I spent long hours waiting in A&E with one injury or another.Not a pleasant memory. Any how when I finally saw him he didn't look as bad although whether he's had it checked at the local hospital he's not saying. Then on Thursday last my DH and I were at my son's waiting for
a phone call from our grandson for a lift back from the school football match. Off went my DH. I heard the car arrive back and went to make a cup of tea. I went to the door where the grandson was removing his boots and his cheeky face looked at me and said'Like Father Like Son' You've guessed it he'd been hit in the face and had the swollen nose and bruising coming.
When his Dad arrived home my DH and I left for a few days at my sister's. Peace at last..
only thing was I got a phone call on the Saturday from my son again just to let me know he'd been hit in the face again at hockey. This time it's a bottom tooth that's the problem I believe it's got to go. Now that's going to ruin his smile until they decide what they are going to do with it.
Hopefully this week will be a better week or else I'm going to hide.
Now for some stitchy updates. I've been working away on Jim shore's Snowman and I can now see quite a lot of progress on him but as yet I still haven't put aby beads on him

My next update is on the Lavender Wings 'Star Lite, Star bright' I took this with me to my sister's and managed to make a difference, I have the filament overstitching to do yet, it's another of those things I don't like doing because the filament always stretches so much. It doesn't seem to matter how short I make the thread it still stretches. !!!
This is only showing the last part I stitched as I forgot to unrole it before my DH photoed it for me. I love the snowmen they've got great faces. I'll try and remember to show all of it next time..
Now to my secret stitch. I have been putting a lot of time into this but I think I'm on a lost cause for this Christmas, as I said last time there are 49400 stitches in it and so far I've done approximately 6200 of them. It is made up of so many single stitches it's unbelievable. I really hope that it's going to be worth the effort reguardless of when it's finished
Must admit this is not the best picture. The sunshine is making it look a lot lighter than it is. There again mustn't complain about the sunshine as earlier today it was hailing. Now I'm off to make a drink and relax with a book for a while. Oh by the way forgot to mention we're still having computer problems I hope we can get it sorted soon. It takes an age to post as everything keeps 'shutting down'. Fingers crossed all will be well soon.I'm still trying to catch up with blog reading managed some but haven't always commented please forgive me will make up for it as soon as 'comp' is feeling better.
Until next time happy stitching to you all and if you've time to leave a comment so much appreciated.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

All sorts of Everthing.

At last I've managed to shut the 'Airport' down so that I can at least blog a little. My DH is still airporting like mad despite the fact that I think he has got to the current top level. He say's he's now helping the 'newbies, up the ladder. Mind you we have had some ups and downs with the computer..... We've had to put new leads on and a new router, which incidentally is worse than the old one... I got annoyed and complained to the internet provider and we are being sent yet another router. Here's hoping that this one works. Our internet speed has become so slow we'd loose a race with a snail. Next thing was the keyboard, it's the connection not the actual board but as it's from the stone age we've been and bought a new one. So how all will go on who knows???

I've been doing my usual grandchildren stints, but as yet there are no evening sports to have to take them to. My grandchildren twins started their High School on the 6th Sept. They are absolutely exhausted at the moment, what with the homework to do and them getting each others books muddled up and several stressed outbreaks from the female side of the twins to the laid back atitude of her brother (What is it about males??). Anyhow I'm sure in a little while it'll all calm down...Hopefully....

I should have started physio on my knee and shoulder at long last. I was all ready for the off when the phone rang to tell me that the Physio was ill and they had no other spaces to fit me in until the end of the month. Still I've struggled with it now for a long time so a little while longer won't make a deal of difference. Wish me luck with it.

Just so you know I have been stitching. I've done quite well really and I must say I'm pleased with all my progress. Now to see what you all think.... First of all my Jim Shore Snowman. I took him with me to my sisters and he moved along OK
There is still the outer ring to go on and lots of beads. It's such a long time since I've stitched anything with beads. It's a wonder I've not been in denial!!!!

Now on to my Gakwonga piece' Ngoma Kem Kem.' This is the third one and Yes I've finished it. yippee...Happy Dances . I've got another one similar to the ones I've already stitched and a couple of ones that have men 'dancing ' and playing drums.
I decided against starting another 'African' type at the moment and have started a Christmas 'Bell Pull'

It's by Lavender Wings and is called 'Star Lite. Star Brite'. Here's my progress on it. It's one I do in the evenings with my feet up!!
I actually took it to my sisters with me but managed to forget all the threads...Oh Age is such a wonderful thing!?!
It's quite a change from one's I've been stitching recently so it makes a pleasant difference.

Next is something I've started as a gift. I had geat illusions of giving it at Christmas but after starting I'm not sure exactly which Christmas it'll be. It is approximately 11" x 13" on 18ct aida. it has 52 colours and 49400 stitches. What do you think my chances are then for this year????
I'm not showing a picture of it nor giving the title so watch this is my progress so far.

This is about 500 stitches..The colours shown are just under half of them and the rest are in similar colour veins. you can probably guess that lots of the shades are consecutive so here's hoping that I don't go wrong too often as I'll have a lot of difficulty deciding what colour is what.

and that includes all the backstitching. I am very pleased with her. The intention is to make her into a cushion for Christmas time and heres hoping that this one will get 100% finished this year. I 've got so many pieces that are stitched but needed framing etc.. Here she is

The next photo is one I asked my DH to take just to prove she really has got 'whiskers'

Just so you know I have been reading blogs when I have been able to displace my DH from his 'Air Traffic control' pastime but due to the computer keyboard problems have left only a few comments. Please rest assured that I enjoy watching your updates and will get back to commenting ASAP. This new keyboard is a nightmare van't spell !!!!

To day is the first time I have used it and I think it is going to take some getting used to. So until next time hope you are all making great stridees forward with your WIPS and that the 'frogs' are all away.
Until next time. Bye for now.