Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What a combination...Sunshine and stitching

Wow!!! What a beautiful Easter weekend weatherwise we've had. My DH and I spent the four days watching the annual Hockey Tournament in Blackpool. The team my son plays for came 3rd. this year, ( all a little disappointed after last years 1st place), His wife and his three children watched all day Friday but had to go home as belonging to the the Scout and Guide Movement they were 'Bag Packing' on Saturday afternoon to raise funds for their groups. Also in the morning they were taking their other grandma out for a treat. I know that they had a lovely time. They were back on Sunday to watch after they had been to Church. The sun was shining, although a little cooler than it had been on Friday when it was scorching. We all had a great afternoon and the hockey crowd are a friendly group.

We spent part of the first week of the Spring Holidays in the garden, tidying and weeding, potting and pruning. Garden centre browsing, now that's a cause for concern . We were busy re-doing our strawberry plants that have grown from a mere 12 plants to nearly 70 (over a period of time). After that I had the grandchildren for a couple of days at our house, they love to bake so stitching had to take a back seat for a while.
I have of course done some stitching and I must admit that when I've looked I've done rather more than I thought I had so Yippee time.....Here goes with my stitching update.

First of all it's Agneatha with Apple. I am still having a bit of trouble getting in to this one, I can only put it down to it being on quite a coarse aida, and also that the threads that came with the kit seem to be very 'thin' and keep splitting and then breaking.

The next one probably looks a little odd, but honestly when it's made up it makes a Christmas decoration of a stocking, look closely and you'll see the shape. I haven't done this in the colour stated because I decided I'd experiment a little and I'm not unhappy with the result. I've got some more of these designs and I may well alter colours there as well. I'll just have to make my mind on that yet.

Anchor's Kuihugura (Looking Back) is coming along nicely. This is the one I call my 'Evening Sewing' that's because I watch the TV at the same time and also have my feet up resting, 'Heavenly'. I saw some more of these designs the other day 'web browsing' the problem is can't remember where I saw them. I think this is called a 'Senior Moment' (sounds better than totally forgetful).

I have been checking regularly for any downloads from Papillon Designs for 'Castle in the Air' I was just about deciding that perhaps there wasn't going to be one this month when... There it was Download no.21. This is a lady sewing in an arbour. I have altered it here and there (what's new I can hear you saying). I've added some back stitching in her hair, that's because the yellow seemed a bit too harsh so I've attempted to soften it a little by using DMC 729, I'm not sure if it's worked, the jury is still out on it. i haven't yet done her face as I can't seem to 'get it right'. I've altered the shade her face should be according to PD as it was going to be the same colour as the basket on the seat. Another part I've changed is the skein of thread , it was supposed to have been back-stitch but somehow it didn't work so I've made it look like a skein with it's labels, I also changed the butterfly, this is because I rather like the butterflies round the 'swan section' and decided to use the same style instead of just a straight cross- stitched version.
I've taken another pic to show where this cartouche fits into the main design

There are another 3 downloads to come as I seem to remember that it should be 24 altogether. I do hope I haven't got that wrong. as I am now looking forward to finishing it.

Now back to the garden. We have a Wisteria and while everyone elses plant seems to be covered in purple flowers and very few leaves ours is always a mass of leaves so that you can hardly see the flowers. But my of my the perfume is fantastic I wish you could smell it., it's quite intoxicating.

That's it for now folks. That's for calling in, your comments are much appreciated. Until next time as usual.....May the needle be with you.


Monday, 11 April 2011

My 'MOJO' is still with me.

Yippee and wonders the sun has shone for three whole days ...Friday, Sat.,and Sunday all while we were staying with my DS and her DH, today, Monday it's been raining like mad for part of the day and then the sun arrived again,I hang out my washing and guess what it's started raining.!!!!! Am I a jinx?? Mind you it is April so perhaps that accounts for the uncertainty.
My DH and I had a lovely weekend with my sister and her hubby. My DH spends as much time as he can on a golf course and my sister and I do a reasonable amount of stitching.
My sister had ordered some buttons for me from Mary Jane Collection along with goods that she wanted. So as they had arrived when I got there I was able to complete my 'Warm Winter Wishes'
I am really happy with this as I think the Snowman has a very contented look on his face!! All I have to do now is to try and find a frame for it. Square frames seem to be out of fashion....

My African Lady, Kuihugura (Looking Back)is coming along as I've said before she is my evening stitching.
I tend to do most of the coloured part and then fill in the black sections. There is stacks of back-stitching on it YUK.

I have made a new start, this going to be made into a cushion.

Guess what it's a cushion for Christmas. It's called 'Agneatha with Apple'. I've had a bit of a problem getting into it but now I can see something happening . The 'Cat' part is a bit of a pain at the moment so I'm working on trying to get to the bottom edge and then taking it from there upwards ( not sure if that makes sense).The colours on Agneatha are quite close in parts and I have had bit of a problem differentiating between them. Anyhow this is as far as I have managed to date
Possibly the cause of my difficulties it that is on aida and I have not been doing much on aida for quite a while.
Now on to my 'handbag' stitching. This is the TLC Designs 'Santa II', he only grows very slowly, but at least he is growing.

Here is 'Santa VII' all finished. I'm going to give his mustache a trim but I'm still plucking up the courage. I think he'll look good on the tree come Christmas.

I bought this little chart at 'The Nimble Thimble' last time I visited my sister and as I finished my Waxing Moon's design decided I needed a boost to the moral.

I take a selection of things to either start or stitch. This time I decided to 'Start'. Now granted I still have to 'Finish off' properly but I quite surprised myself.

The Tree above still needs some gold beads attaching and I haven't had time yet to even look for some in my stash, so when they're on I'll take another pic. The next photo shows the miniaturised version of the first photo. It's the first time I have attempted any 1/1 , haven't decided yet whether or not it'll be the last. What do you think?

Here's a little bit of 'Spring' from our garden. This is the blossom on our plum tree and one of the pear trees I hope that the winds don't blow it all off before the little bugs have a chance to 'do there job' so that we'll have stacks of fruit later in the year...Yummeeeee...

Oh! there is a 'Give Away' it's for a blog anniversary if you are interested just click the link cenefas de flores and best of luck to you
Our pond needs some serious work on it after having had part of the surrounding wall getting quite a large crack in it owing to the severe weather we had over winter. Unfortunately the water is still rather on the cold side for my DH to wade about in it to mend the wall, so it's going to have to wait a little while longer. We also have to take out the plants and split them so they don't get too big and that's a job and a half.

Here is my last photo for this post... can you here the FANFARE..... Castles in the Air is up to date. Well it is as I write this post. I bet if I go and look there will another download just to catch me out. So do you know, I'm not going to look until I've actually 'pressed the button' and posted. Is that a cowardly move or not??

I have altered part of it (now what's new you are wondering). I have reversed the 'Swan', I didn't like the 'Mermaid' that should have been there, so in goes the swan. To me it has balanced the bottom section as at the top there are a pair of Peacocks.. I have also altered the swans slightly, if you have a look at an earlier post see if you can spot the difference...that's my challenge for you.. Good luck...

That's it for now folks... Thanks for popping in and leaving a much appreciated comment if you have had the time... Until next time as usual 'May the Needle be with you'

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Give Away Received...Delighted

A very quick post to show you all what I have received from Sense and Stitchability's 'Give Away'.

It has only arrived in the last few moments and as I'm off to my sister's shortly for a few days thought I'd show you all before I left. Many thanks for the extra's, what a lovely thought.
I am so delighted especially as I am not a winner of things as a norm.