Saturday, 19 June 2010

Summertime ..Well Nearly

We've had some beautiful weather recently, so much so that we keep hearing that we may have a hosepipe ban by the end of June through lack of rainfall. (I'll worry about that if if happens). Although when my DH and I were returning from a visit to my sister and her DH it rained that hard it was difficult to see the vehicles and roads, but that was last weekend. By the way it was a lovely weekend visit. We brought some fruit bushes and a courgette plant back up with us ( this could mean more food for the slug and snails).
My DH and I have been outside in the garden a lot tidying it up and taking stuff to the tip. As I've said before we haven't a big garden and we are not proficient gardeners but we try so I thought you may like a look at what we have growing. This rose is just outside our back door it's a 'Pilgrim' and the perfume is fab. We have been amazed at the amount of roses we have on it this year.

This year, for I think the first time ever, we have a water lily that has managed to flower, usually the fish uproot them and seem to eat them, so I am quite proud of the flower even though it is not enormous.

While my DH and I were out browsing the garden centres one day we came across this 'Pol-anter'. It's like a sturdy plastic tube with holes in that you plant up it's watered from the bottom by attaching your hosepipe to it. Quite clever really and very effective.

The grapevine we planted two or three years ago has got lots of flower heads on so I hope that they all flower well and then we'll get more grapes than we have so far. Today we had, for the first time this year, some home grown radish and rocket it really is good to just go and pick it and eat it.

While at my sisters I collected some buttons by Hob Nobs that she had collected for me from 'The Nimble Thimble'. I think they are beautifully made and a lot of fun. One I especially like is The Stitching Snow Woman. I'll have to find some suitable material and stitch them, they'll be quite a quick finish, my problem is I'm not that good a choosing colours still never mind I'm sure I'll come up with something.

I haven't done any of Castles in the Air yet this month and another download is probably about to appear I think I'll just have to get my head in gear.. .. Nor have I made any further progress on The Three Kings.... not doing too well am I?

I have almost completed The Six Geese a Laying, I have run out of the red beads that finish off the wing. I'll be sending off for some more beads when I have run out or nearly run out of some more colours. I'll have to check the requirements list again.!!! I think I need some more threads as well. Still never mind I am so please with it the colours of the beads are knock-out.

I have to thank Jen on her I've Started So I'll FinishBlog Break time would still be in a drawer and forgotten, instead the progress is good. I have to finish off the backstitching all around the foot,shoe,laces etc and then it is the BIG turnup all the way back to his jacket. I have continued to stitch this in the evenings and also took it with me to my Sisters.

Off now to perhaps read for a while. Thanks for popping in it makes my day. Until next time
Happy stitching or whatever your delight is.