Sunday, 15 July 2012

Progress, Finishes and ' Bits and Pieces.'

What a surprise! It's so long since I've blogged everything is different.  It says it is now easier....... Well it may be for some of you ( probably most of you) but this is already the second attempt at posting.  It all vanished...I take it that it doesn't automatically save anymore....Boo Hoo.  Any way here's a little of what I've been up to.  I went to my niece's Wedding at Easter and it was absolutely beautiful ( am not putting pics on as I know that they have been all over the Web already) even the weather was sort of kind.
I have been sewing though slowly I must admit but Here are some pics to show you  my progress.

 This is one of my Halloweeny ones by Stony Creek  I have had a great deal of fun doing this and it helped me find my holidaying mojo!!!!
 Thought you may like to see our strawberry flowers.  The strawbs that appeared have now all been eaten but new ones are still coming.   I've just notice the date on the picture!!! That means my DH has been doing something to the camera and muddled up the date  HORROR of HORRORS
I just wish I had 'smelly web' these pinks smelt gorgeous as well as being so very pretty to see.
well here's my secret stitch as I like to call it it is taking a lot of doing but it is quite enjoyable....that is when I'm not pulling my hair out trying to work out where exactly I am up to and I said ages ago the colours as just so close in a great many places.  Must admit this photo looks abit washed out  perhaps it's all the rain!!
Now I want a LOUD FANFARE  I actually have a finish.  It's one of my African Ladies that I do enjoy doing.  I'm afraid that you'll have to see her lying down as for some reason the photo thingy won't let me turn her round (I'm having a bad time)  still she still looks good.
Currently I haven't done any sewing for the last few weeks.  We have emptied our loft and apart from eating dust I am on the BIG LEGO BUILD basically checking to see exactly how may pieces have been lost since the Lego last saw light of day about 30years ago. I can tell you the amount of 'stuff' that came out of the loft was quite amazing I'm not sure how the ceiling stayed up!!!  It's now a case of sorting and recycling etc.etc.etc.

Now for one the nicest things that has happened recently  my Eldest Grand-daughter reached the old age of 16years and like all others of the age attended her School Prom I know that this photo has been on the web but she looked so lovely I just wanted to share her again
Oops Guess I'm still getting it wrong.  Still just to prove she was lovely 16 years ago as well.

Hope all the other 'Prom' goers had a lovely time

Until next time happy stitching to you all and hope not to leave it so long.......