Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ups, Downs and Updates

Hi there everyone. Hope you're all OK.
Well I've had a real up and down few weeks. I started my physio on my knee that I hurt in a fall some months ago and also on my neck that I hurt earlier this year. Yes! I am a walking (hobbling) disaster. I was more than a little nerveous for my first visit to the physio expecting a 10ft. tall he man and so many people had told how much I was going to get pummled about. Guess what no such thing ..My physio is a very nice lady who is quite petite. I did come out rather confused......apparently I stand wonky that is I put more weight on my right leg (because my left leg gives way) and therefore I don't stand straight anymore. Oooops no 1. My leg muscles aren't working properly Oooops no 2. My neck doesn't like turning properly so I've got all these exercises to do three times a day. I have done them but end up with gross headaches Ooops no 3. Back for my second appointment. I have now been given extra exercises for my leg and believe it or not I am now standing better. ....Not of course that I was aware of standing wonky in the first place. My neck is not too happy but I'll keep perceveering and hope that there will be a breakthrough soon. At least if there is I'll perhaps be able to get a better night sleep.
Now to my family. I'm back in the routine of hockey and netball taking, plus the occasional football sorting out. My younger son is a field hockey player and a week ago rang to let me know that he'd been hit in the face at the match and was sporting a possible broken nose and a couple of black eyes. On hearing this my mind went back to when, with both my sons , I spent long hours waiting in A&E with one injury or another.Not a pleasant memory. Any how when I finally saw him he didn't look as bad although whether he's had it checked at the local hospital he's not saying. Then on Thursday last my DH and I were at my son's waiting for
a phone call from our grandson for a lift back from the school football match. Off went my DH. I heard the car arrive back and went to make a cup of tea. I went to the door where the grandson was removing his boots and his cheeky face looked at me and said'Like Father Like Son' You've guessed it he'd been hit in the face and had the swollen nose and bruising coming.
When his Dad arrived home my DH and I left for a few days at my sister's. Peace at last..
only thing was I got a phone call on the Saturday from my son again just to let me know he'd been hit in the face again at hockey. This time it's a bottom tooth that's the problem I believe it's got to go. Now that's going to ruin his smile until they decide what they are going to do with it.
Hopefully this week will be a better week or else I'm going to hide.
Now for some stitchy updates. I've been working away on Jim shore's Snowman and I can now see quite a lot of progress on him but as yet I still haven't put aby beads on him

My next update is on the Lavender Wings 'Star Lite, Star bright' I took this with me to my sister's and managed to make a difference, I have the filament overstitching to do yet, it's another of those things I don't like doing because the filament always stretches so much. It doesn't seem to matter how short I make the thread it still stretches. !!!
This is only showing the last part I stitched as I forgot to unrole it before my DH photoed it for me. I love the snowmen they've got great faces. I'll try and remember to show all of it next time..
Now to my secret stitch. I have been putting a lot of time into this but I think I'm on a lost cause for this Christmas, as I said last time there are 49400 stitches in it and so far I've done approximately 6200 of them. It is made up of so many single stitches it's unbelievable. I really hope that it's going to be worth the effort reguardless of when it's finished
Must admit this is not the best picture. The sunshine is making it look a lot lighter than it is. There again mustn't complain about the sunshine as earlier today it was hailing. Now I'm off to make a drink and relax with a book for a while. Oh by the way forgot to mention we're still having computer problems I hope we can get it sorted soon. It takes an age to post as everything keeps 'shutting down'. Fingers crossed all will be well soon.I'm still trying to catch up with blog reading managed some but haven't always commented please forgive me will make up for it as soon as 'comp' is feeling better.
Until next time happy stitching to you all and if you've time to leave a comment so much appreciated.