Monday, 13 February 2012

Here we are again...Happy as Can Be.........

Hi there everyone. Guess what, I've been trying to get my 'mojo'back after Christmas and what happened?????

You've guessed. I've had a virus. I thought it was a cold but whatever it was it wiped me out somewhat. I had it for just over a fortnight. It was strange as my head felt OK but my nose wouldn't stop running and I have coughed so much I had a great shortage of sleep. Sooo no volounteering at the schools and I couldn't get into stitching just wanted to sleep.
Still all better now and on a bit of a fitness kick. I am one the most sedentary people in the Universe but I am trying loose a little weight and get a bit fitter ( One can always hope). So I have started walking. Now I know that sounds a little strange because I learnt how to do that many years ago but I thought I'd better try using the talent more than I have been doing in recent years. I am strictly a fair weather walker and building it up and trying to walk faster than I did. Perhaps the fantastic 'Pear Shape ' that I am may just become a little less obvious. Wish me luck.
I have been back doing my grandchildren minding ( including getting frozen watching the old netball matches) dropping off and collecting from the school after whatever activites finish. I also now fit in collecting my eldest son from his work (he's a lorry driver) and delivering him home , not too sure how I do it but hey it's all good fun.
This last weekend I had three grandchildren over to stop. The middle one is doing a 'Creative badge' at scouts so he wanted to make some biscuity things and came armed with a recipe book. So we made some peppermint creams and a version of 'rice krispie' cakes using a crunchy cereal with strawberries in it. We weren't sure whether or not it would work but he gave it a go and the three young ones + my DH thought they were 'yummy'

I went in January to see the Village Panto again, this year it was Jack and Jill. The female part of my twin grandchildren was Jill and have to say she was good. One of her school friends played Jack. The girls never missed a line, I was very proud of both the girls, they had worked so hard for many months and both of them were tired out at the end of the four performances that were done. Congratulations to all the cast of the St James Players Lostock Hall.

Now at last to stitchy things. Firstly here are some pictures that I promised last time of some charts I got for Christmas. An odd selecion I suppose but that's me!!

As I said I have been trying to find my 'mojo' and although it's not completely lost getting back sewing has been quite hard. but here is what I have been doing.
I have been stitching another of the African Themed pieces that I enjoy doing this one is called 'Muthuguthi' - Dancing Warrior. Once again the colours are vibrant

This is how I am doing.
I am hoping the next time I blog to have almost completed it. Now that's a challenge for me.

The one that is causing me most headaches is my so named Secret Stitch ( if you remember it was supposed to be a surprise for Christmas 2011!!) I am really struggling trying to get my head round the colours and the total confetti covering that it is made up of. In the real it does look good and I am sure that when it's finished I'll be euphoric.
I am trying to catch up on Blog commenting but for some reason I still don't seem able to comment on some blogs I think the way of doing it has altered and I don't seem able to follow what I'm supposed to do. Something about signing in to some contact thingy or other. I'll have to get my DH to explain it to me.....that is of course if I can get him off the computer where he forgets time playing games!!!!!!! I figure the only time I can actually get on is the middle of the night and to be honest I'm not going to do that.

Anyhow that's it for now. I'll try and get my commenting sorted out because I so enjoy reading and seeing how you are all getting on with your different stitchy things. Until next time I am watching. Happy stitching to you all