Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A bit of this and that.

Well it's me. I've actually managed to find a bit of time to blog. I've been busy as per usual with the grandchildren. They've been staying with us for a few days, we went shopping ( the girls and I) on one day and another went to the local swimming pool where they attempted to show me their made up syncranised swimming exhibition. I don't think any of the prospective Olympic Games entrants need worry. It took them about half an hour to figure out how to burst out of the water one after another, Entertaining watching the practise but the 10 seconds it lasted .......well what can I say??We then had to take them back home so that they could all attend their football and hockey training sessions. Then of course there's the picking up and dropping off of 'sleepovers', and friend playing. I also had the 'pleasure' of three other teenagers 'chilling out' in the back garden after going to collect their module results for their GCSE's All happy with the results so I made lunch for them and left them to enjoy the sunshine.

A little earlier in August my younger son and his family went camping in Norfolk and had a good time. The younger of the grand-daughters rang me to let me know the recipe for some 'Ginger Buscuits' that we had been making at their house. (Wow they are fantastically tasty ...problem is they are also fantastically more-ish. ) I've made dozens of them these last few weeks and my DH chomps his way through most of them. At the moment the box is empty so I'll have to make some more that is of course if I'm able to make the time!!!!, Note to self: Remember spreading waist-line!!!

During my time of grand-children minding they have introduced me to a 'web game' called 'Skyrama'. I know there are a lot of people playing 'Farmarama' , but this one is where you are a sort of Air Traffic controller. You have to land and load planes and send them round the world, hadn't got a clue what I was doing but happily muddled my way through so far and then introduced my DH to it. Now, he always says that he doesn't play games but believe me I've I haven't been able to get anywhere near the computer for days. Hence such a long time since I blogged!!!

Time now for my stitching updates.. It's been a while since I 've done any of my Jim Shore Snowman, so |I decided I'd better take it with me on my time away from home to try and make some inroads into it. I managed a little and am hoping to get some more done this next couple of weeks.

My Anchor' Ngomo Kem Kem' is coming along quite well, although this one, for some reason, seems to be harder to do than the previous two. Maybe it's because there are two people on it or because of the way the chart is split into sections, there's always one or two stitches on another section of the chart. The picture has been rolled up so that the bottom part of the stitching isn't showing but they have got feet and the back-stitching is done. Here it is

Last but not least it's 'Agneatha' . Once again this is rolled up and I can assure you that it really is all stitched and I have done some of the back stitching. I am using an ordinary sewing needle to do it as it goes through all parts of the aida and I find tne usual cross stitching needle too thick. There are just one or two small bits of back ground to fill in at the top and then it's back-stitching all they way. I've been trying to do some each day and hopefully the next time I blog will have her finished....including the missing whiskers' hope you like her

I hadn't realised that my DH who is my photographer had somehow 'cut off' part of the stitching. it is all done HONEST. I'll have to have words about it and do a re-training lesson!!!!!
I'm going to make us a 'cuppa' now and then I think my weary head will be 'hitting the pillow'. I think I may be short of a good night rest, Untill next time hope you've all had a good Summer (even though there doesn't seem to have been much Sun in it, at least in our part of the UK)

Keep up the good work with your stitching and I promise I really will try and leave more comments. I have been reading when I could get on the computer but haven't left as many comments as I normally would. Sorry to for being remiss, please forgive me. Take care out there.