Friday, 2 December 2011

It's Me. I have been watching

It's me. I know you're all going to collapse. Firstly appologies to all I have been following your blogs when I 've been able to get access to computer but for some reason there have only been a few comments that have been posted. I keep getting and 'ERROR' message and so the comment gets blocked, rather frustrating but know idea what. why or anything else. Anyhow not to worry just sad for me.
I have been stitching away though in between my normal chaotic diary. My physio has definitely had it's ups and downs. I was doing well and then I went after having very little sleep for several days because of pain and felt ghastly. The Physio shook her head at me and announced that she didn't know what else she could do. Now that made me feel really great. But at my last visit there was some good improvement so I'll go with that and just keep up with the exercises. At the moment my head feels as though it's wobbling around on a disconnected neck, been like that since my last physio visit. Is this a good thing I wonder.!!!
Still on to stitchy things. At long last I am able to say many Thanks to Elaine for the amazing parcel that arrived from her when I won her 'Give-Away' it's truly incredible. Just glance at these pics.

There were also some charts but hold my hand up I forgot to take a picture of them. The Lady- bird pillow is lovely and so well finished. It was like opening a treasure trove. of fabrics and threads so once again many thaks Elaine.

Now for my stitchy things.

I have been stitching a Lavender Wings 'Star lite Star Brite', I enjoyed this I took it with me on a sister visit

Here it is now all stitched I have now to get 'Bell Pull' so that I can finish it off. my pet hate. Finishing I just never seem to get round to it.


How many of you remember my Twelve Days of Christmas? Well no it still is completely finished but I have finally managed to get some fabric to back it.

It's Jim Shore , the now discontinued, 12 Days of Christmas fabric. I've bought some felt, to act a batting, as I am turning it into a large wall hanging. I am now scratching my head as to the best way to do it. I'm so worried about spoiling it as it took so many months to stitch it.

Now for Agneatha. She is now a cushion cover(courtesy of my Sister) she really looks lovely just waiting for Christmas

And last, but not least ,my secret stitch I have been working like mad on this but there's really no hope of it being done for Christmas. up to press I 've done approximately 12400 stitches I definitely think you'll have a very good idea of what it is now.

Hopefully I will be able to post again before so long and that I soon be able to leave comments. My DH is trying his best to find out the problem but it is still defeating him. But please remember I am watching. Until next time Keep up the good work with those needles. Cheers Flo


Mouse said...

ooo well done on the stitching front .. and also the goodies you received ... that fabric will be fab for the twelve days :) as to commenting go to daffycats blog or joyzesranblings as they had solutions to the problem last time we were all experiencing it .. prob have to scroll down abit ... hope that helps and your neck starts to feel much better soon :) love mouse xxxx

Lesleyanne said...

I hope your neck gets better soon. Your stitching looks great. Great giveaway received from Elaine.

Bekca said...

Sorry to hear you've been having internet troubles, and I hope your neck feels much better soon!
Wow, what a great giveaway parcel, and Agnathea looks amazing. The wolf design looks incredible, keep up the amazing stitching!
Best wishes.

SoCal Debbie said...

Your giveaway prize truly was a treasure trove! Congratulations! Agneatha looks beautiful.

Brigitte said...

Wow, there was some very nice stitching going on. Agneatha looks gorgeous and so does the lion. A real BAP!
Enjoy the lovely goodies from Elaine. And hopefully your neck will feel better soon.

Cath said...

Hi . Just wondering if you have all of the African Dance kits that you want.
Our local Beales (ex Co-op dept store ) is selling some off at around 1/3 normal price .
Not sure what was there , but if you have a local store , might be worth you checking with them . Otherwise , let me know if you have a wish list and I can check it out next time ~I go into town. X

Siobhan said...

Everything looks lovely! Your pillow turned out so cute--nice job! I love the Star light, star bright piece!

grannyanne said...

Great sewing. Now to the finishing.