Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Well this is it. Here is my first attempt at using the blog I've set up I'll probably have a million and one disasters but heyho you can only get better (can't you?). This year is the first year we(my hubby and I) have attempted to grow carrots. Now I just know how surprised you are to hear that . We do not have a garden the size of private park land so our carrots were planted in a couple of posh pots. Through the year, in the same pot, pansies have arrived and curly grass( not the bog standard stuff) varying weeds etc. Any how the great day arrived and we decided to see if there really was anything at the bottom of the lovely green ferny tops. There was. Mind you not exactly able to supply all the local shops, we had one meal from our efforts but my they were tasty. Not a total disaster.

Now nothing to do with gardens I enjoy cross stitching and although not the speediest I get there in the end. I went on this blog called I've Started So I'll Finish...Eventually..... what a boon I dug out a UFO (unfinished something or other can't remember what the O stands for) and have beens sewing on it ever since. I think it was about May my first Pic and after a few ups and downs I'm getting there.
As you can see I've not quite got the hang of how you get your pics in the right order but this is going to be the biggest learning curve ever. That's it for now thanks for calling in and I hope next time I'll have found my way through s few more of the mysteries of the BLOG. So please bear with me you know Patience is a Virtue. (I'm going to need a lot of it!)


grannyanne said...

An excellent start. I am sure you will iron your problems out eventually.

Jen said...

My best tip don't write your blog in compose mode but do it under the edit HTML tab. Then things go where you want them and your photos become clikable. Trust me I'm a doctor.

Gabi said...

Beautiful stitching and welcome to the world of blogging :)

lenna said...

Oh, am I glad I found you. I, too am new to the blogging world and I know what you are talking about. To make matters worse I have a dreaded Mac. Everything is much different with one of those.
Great stitching I have been following yours for sometime now I also belong to SIHSAIWF. . .E. I did the Seaside Sweathearts! Oh, you and I will have great fun! Hang in there.
Your costume is amazing I have sewn for 50 odd years and I could not have done that! Congratulations!!! Beautiful job and your stitching is awesome.
I will join your blog and keep looking at your progress.
My blog is come by and see me.
Take care and God Bless ~