Saturday, 9 January 2010

It's Freezing! More time to Cross Stitch

Happy New Year to you all out there in 'Blogland'

The weather here in the North-West of England has been rather out of the ordinary this year. The area I live in doesn't usually see snow for more than a day (I live by the coast) I haven't been passed the front door for four days now, this is mainly because the pavements are like an ice-skating rink and so are the roads. Fortunately my hubby is able to keep upright and he's the one that went up to the Dr's for the old medications that keep us both ticking over. We have a pond in the garden at the rear of our home and I know it won't be much ice to some of you in varying parts of the world but to us it is just strange I decided to take a photo of it. It looks like a whale's under neath the water.

At least it's not all doom and gloom I've managed to finish two items since the turn of the year. One it the Freebie Christmas Mandala 2004 by Chatalaine designs. I have altered bits and bobs on this to suit myself. I have beaded the Christmas trees with Mill Hill seed beads 02019 instead of gold French knots. I am not the worlds best at French knots so I asked my sister if she would have a go at them for me. She did and they looked quite uninspiring so enter Plan B and out came the bead box. I have also used the same small bead on the black 'wall' round the outside instead of 00557 so that I didn't end up with too many different bead types. I have used the beads stated for the outer iron work and also on the bushes, must admit I have not put the gold(00557) bead on the gate iron work because I thought they looked too clunky against the delicate backstitching. The last thing I've altered is the gold work on the plant pots, I could not get it to look good so I changed the way it was done (enter another bead). Any how I'm pleased with the finished result, I just have to frame it and that could be another problem!!!

My second finish is the Jim Shore Southern Snowman by Mill Hill . This one that should be on paper but I am doing all the four snowmen on even weave 'Babbling Brook' this is because I'm going to have them framed as a foursome (some time in the distant future). I also like the Jim Shore Santa Collection but I have yet to purchase any of them, they're on my wish list.

I've actually made a start on my UFO forI've Started so I'll Finish not exactly a great deal of progress as I had to frog what I'd done so that I could restart on a roller frame. and work up and down the length of piece instead of side to side (sounds a bit crazy but that's rather like me). I've discovered that it's another hand drawn chart and for some reason I find them quite difficult to decipher(perhaps it's blotting pens that cause the problem)

I have just put me Papillon designs, Castles in the Air, on the frame as it is months since I did any and I think I really must do a bit a catching up with it. Hopefully there will be a Picture next time.

Well that's it for now. Thanks for visiting---Keep Warm

Happy stitching to you all.


Blu said...

Wow! Christmas Mandala looks great. All those beads must really sparkle.
I hadn't realized that the snowman had so many beads until I took a closer look! He's very cute.

Julie said...

The Mandala is stunning and the Snowman is cute! I too have difficulty with the french knot and use beads instead.

I also love the picture of your pond! I live in central Florida and we are having unusually cold weather here this season. My uncle had snow on his vehicle this morning and the forecast is for snow tonight. Who'd have thought...makes me want to move to the equator!

Lisa said...

Christmas Mandala is absolutely beautiful! And the snowman is adorable. You do beautiful work!
Take care and stay warm.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Your work is just lovely! The snow here in the south-east UK hasn't given me time to stitch, as the five children have wanted snowballs not stitching :o) I especially love that Jim Shore snowman, so much so that I'm actually going to order it!

Fiona said...

Aw I love that snowman design....methinks I shall have to treat myself to one when I finish Water Games lol. Hope the snow goes away soon! x

grannyanne said...

Great stitching. Your pond is looking rather chilly. I hope the fish are wearing their thermals.
Looking forward to seeing your next lot of stitching.

Jen said...

Congratulations on your finishes. The mandala looks better for not having those big gold beads. Seeing your Jim Shore makes me want to stch mine. Like you I have all four, should I also invest in the Santas I wonder.

Siobhan said...

Lovely finishes! The mandala is gorgeous, and the snowman is quite dapper. Perfect for this time of year! I loved the pic of your pond. I kind of wish the snow hung around for longer. I know it's not nice to drive in it, but I like how it kind of slows everything down.