Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Needle has speeded up. Hooray!

I've had a busy week. Three of my grandchildren came to stay while their Mum and Dad went away for a few days. I decided that a day out to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) would be a good idea. So I put the suggestion to my DH. He was not impressed. He thought it was going to be some dull day looking at statues ( or something along those lines). Actually it was a great day enjoyed by all. My DH loved the Air and Space section showing the Aircraft as did our two grandsons while our grand-daughter enjoyed looking at the different types of weaving from a different section. All three grand children enjoyed walking through the pretend sewers and looking at old toilets. I have confirmed to them that I am from the 'Roman' era as far as they are concerned after telling them that I remembered some of the toilets on show. Pretty Yukky Eh!! The day finished off with a short ride on a replica Stephenson Train called the Planet. I can tell you I had a lovely day and as it was a beautiful sunny day it was great.

My other son and his family have also just returned from holiday in the Dominican Republic where they had a lovely time it was marred by flight delays 12 1/2 hrs on the way out and ---wait for it --- 21 hours on the way back. Looking forward to seeing the photos of at least one of them swimming with the dolphins.

So how's the stitching going you may ask. The answer is not too bad thank you. I have made good progress with my Three Kings forYoyo's Christmas SAL. I just love the beads and how they twinkle in the sunlight. Must admit I'll have to spend a good deal of time bead sewing but I'm sure that it'll be worth it. I did have a frogging day when I inadvertently mis-counted and kept repeating my error over and over (get the idea?) Perhaps because I've made good progress I don't feel as 'blue' this week. Yippee!!!

The photo above shows a section about 3 1/4" long. The fabric colour shown is the most accurate ever managed to get yet.

I have actually made some progress with my UFO 'Break time'. Although I can honestly say I am not enjoying doing it one bit and I keep wondering whether it'll end up back in the cupboard never to see light of day again. Part of the problem is it's just colour blocks and soooo much brown. The other main problem is the thread it is just shedding and very, very dull. When I finally get to his head I'll probably like it because he has a very friendly face and will enjoy doing that section. Here's the link forI've Started so I'll Finish.

I have completed the first day of Christmas now, The Partridge and a Pear Tree, including all the beads, there is just the button to put on but this will go on at the very end with all the other buttons. I really enjoyed doing this just-- another 11 days to go. This one is also for Yoyo's SAL.

Horror of Horrors. There's another download for Castles in the Air from Papillon Designs and I'm already behind by stacks with it. So today I have put it on the stand and have made a start at catching some of it up--- I'm about three and a half downloads behind. I enjoy stitching it when I get started. I feel as though I've got different heads and I need to attach them for each piece I'm stitching. So this time there are no pics for Castles or for Window Wreath although I have done some more of it. I'll keep you in suspense for a while on that one.
Well we are having a few days away this week so I'll be taking my UFO with me as it's easiest to carry and possibly the Window Wreath so at least they'll stand a chance of growing a little.
I have been told that snow is expected again where we are going so perhaps we'd better take a spade! Looking forward to weekend regardless of the weather although I do hope any snow clears before we get there so my DH stands a chance of playing his golf.

Until next time.

Happy stitching to you all.


Jen said...

Great stitching. Love the Mill Hill/Jim Shore stuff. Glad you enjoyed your day out in Manchester. That weekend my train got cancelled because a door came off - long story.

Jules said...

Spending the day at a MOSI is a wonderful thing for kids. How lucky you were able to share this with your husband and grandkids.

Your stitching is beautiful. I am really liking the Jim Shore you are working on for Yoyo's SAL! I am finally caught up on my 3rd section for the SAL myself and am posting a pic tonight.

grannyanne said...

You obviously had a great weekend and have managed a lot of sewing as well. I love the colours in the Jim Shore they are so rich. Happy stitching to you.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! i love your latest stitching. I actually have the jim shore 12 days of Christmas too .It is a beauty .Glad you had fun with your Grandchildren!

Blu said...

Lovely stitching! The partridge is very cute~

Pumpkin said...

Looking good! Don't you just hate trying to capture the true color of fabric with the camera?

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Just love the Three Kings - thanks to some enabling somewhere I've bought a couple of those gorgeous Mill Hill angels that have just come out, lol! My kids just love to go to the Science Museum in London - they were so disappointed we had to cancel the trip when they were ill over half-term. And they're normal kids, not just into museums, lol! I think museums have got so much better than they used to be.

Chiloe said...

Fitst time on your beautiful blog !!! I love your stitching ;-)

Hope you keep stitching your UFO. I have trouble stitching what i don't really like and I want to keep stitching a pleasure ;-)

Hope you had fun with your grand kids.

Maisie Moonshine said...

Isn't it weird how the young 'uns always end up looking at toilets? Glad you all had a good time at MOSI.

Yoyo said...

Oh, great stuff here!!! I just thought I'd let you know, I'm going to snitch that closeup of the 3 Kings that shows the lovely beads down there on the bottom for the Christmas Design Album if you don't mind...you should be sending me some of these close ups, so we can see the great bead work!! I didn't realize from the picture you sent me that it was beadwork. I don't care how many pictures you send ya know, especially if they are this pretty.