Sunday, 16 May 2010

Stitching. Bugs and Frogs!

Well it's been a beautiful weekend. We actually had a bar-b-q yesterday. Just the two of us and it was very pleasant. We were going to have gone and visited my sister but I came down with quite a bad virus/cold/ awful coughing bouts/ nose bleeds---- I won't go on ----so we didn't go. Cross stitching got put on hold for most of the week as I couldn't make out the charts through blurred eyes. Anyhow although not 100% I am back stitching on my new frame built for me by my DH.

Be amazed at the progress on my UFO for I've Started so I'll Finish Break Time. I thought I'd take a full picture for the first time and even if I say it myself I was surprised at how much it had grown. I have discovered that some of the threads seem to have become variegated all by themselves (perhaps it's just the age) it's mainly the pale green.
This is how it looked yesterday evening. That's when I realised there was an error!!!! Horror of horrors What to do???!!!

So this is how it looks now.

Can you spot the difference? Of course you can I frogged all the part I had done yesterday evening. I muttered all the time I was doing it .

As I said in my last post Papillon Designs 'Castles in the Air' next download had been sent. So not to end up behind with it I set to and completed it. I am just soooo proud of my self now to wait for the next one to arrive.!

Now to my Three Kings.Yoyo's Christmas Sal I have been putting beads, beads and more beads on it. The colours for some reason are rubbish so that's disappointing but I have really made good progress with it this month. Two Kings done just one to go and then the rest of the border.

Lesleyanne asked me what is my rotation. Well as I am not or ever have been particularly good at sticking to any hard given plan I have a tendency to pick and choose as the mood takes me but over the period of a month I will have done a reasonable amount on each piece I'm doing. I do, however, tend to do the Break Time in an evening while watching TV!! ( Can't imagine how I went wrong) mainly because it takes less concentration and it's in colour blocks. I wouldn't have a chance with any of the Jim Shore one's in the evening. My stitching fits in and around my spare time I really don't know how those fantastic stitchers do it who have full time jobs and yet still complete the most amazing work all credit to them I say. I usually listen to reception class readers on Monday and Wednesday mornings so I stitch in the afternoon on Monday, most of Tuesday depending on what jobs need doing. I take Break Time or Window Wreath with me on a Wednesday afternoon when I go and sleep over at my son's house to do the school runs and meals on that PM and Thursday AM and PM. I also go and listen to year 4 readers while at my son's. Back home Thursday eve. My DH is always waiting with a meal ready for me and it is really so much appreciated. I then usually collapse in a chair and fall asleep. Friday back to stitching. Week-ends are hit and miss. depends on the weather. So there you are my version of a rotation. It may not be perfect but it works for me and I don't get upset if something gets missed. Oh yes I try to avoid going from one Jim Shore to another directly as it takes me a a while to remember that the symbols have changed although he does use the same colour palette.
I am going to go back to 12 Days of Christmas tomorrow and try and get up 6 geese a laying by the end of the month. We'll see. I'll do my best as it's the only way I'll get it completed by Christmas this year. Wish me luck.


Lesleyanne said...

Your stitching is looking lovely. Sorry you had to frog - they're annoying them there frogs. Thanks for the info on your rotation - I'm just nosy lol sounds as though you have it well sorted.

Jules said...

Beautiful progress on all of your pieces!

Elaine said...

Sorry you had a visit from the little green pest.
All your wips are just beautiful.
Thank you so much for the kind thoughts on my grand-mother. Hugs.

Mylene said...

You have made good progress on all your WIP's, all looking great. Hope the frogs stays away from now on.

Ginnie said...

Great progress, the 3 kings is such a lovely piece.

grannyanne said...

Reverse stitching is annoying but you are making progress which is all that matters. Love the Jim Shore

Siobhan said...

Beautiful stitching progress! Sorry to hear about the frogging! :P

Helena said...

wow!!!!! very beautiful!!!!

Bekca said...

Thank you so much for following my blog, I'm rather new to this but I'm enjoying blogging so far! Wonderful work on Three Kings, can't wait to see more progress :)