Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas is Coming.

It's that time of year!!! I have been on the search for those illusive Christmas gifts. You know the ones that in July you think will be a really good idea and then you forget all about them and have to start all over again(Aaaargh).
I came to the conclusion that I'd rather unwind with my cross-stitching. I've looked out my Christmas advent calendar which I actually finished for last Christmas but ended up having my appendics out so it never got used properly, so you might say this is it's first time of proper use. (Can't wait) It's a Bucilla Kit, Christmas Advent Calendar, and I really like it. You have 25 charms to decorate it with and they look very pretty.

Now I have some decorations that I have finished, they are a Dimensions 'Gold Collection' called Santa's Wildlife collection. This is another group of decorations that gave me a lot of pleasure.

I have yet to finish just one of my Jim Shore Snowmen,(there are four) so it's not looking as though they'll be seeing this Christmas, still it's just another project to keep going with.

I have signed on to YoYo's Christmas SAL so that is another piece I'll have to keep on top of and I'm afraid I'm not very good at rotation sewing because I forget where I'm up too. I am still trying to decide which of two to do, both are Jim Shore designs, one is called Three Kings and the other 12 Days of Christmas.

Now I have actually finally completed my Teresa Wentzlers Summer Carousel Horse I shall try and catch up on my Papillon Castles in the Air SAL which I am sorry to say has not yet moved any further forward, still never mind It'll get there in the end.


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Just love that Jim Shore snowman - I hadn't seen them before, and am very tempted...oh for more time....

Jen said...

I have the snowmen but have not started them yet. Glad you have joined Yoyo's SAL, as I have too. The UFO finish is great. What will be your next one I wonder?

grannyanne said...

You are making me feel really Christmassy. I must get my Christmas pictures out and enjoy them. I look forward to seeing your progress on the Christmas SAL.
Happy Christmassy sewing