Sunday, 15 August 2010

Feeling relaxed...Makes a change.

The sun's shining again to day, although we have had rain and some of that has been quite heavy at times. Areas near to us have been hit by the flash floods and you've guessed it the hose pipe ban is STILL ON. Some of our plants are now suffering but we have managed to revive them a little, thank goodness. The tomatoes are starting to ripen and I can tell you they taste delicious. My poor carrots seem to have given up and vanished along with the radishes and the spring onions, still onwards and upwards the gooseberry bush is coming along well and the grapes are actually starting to look like grapes. Yippee.

My younger son and his family have returned from their short holiday to Spain and appear to have had a good time. My son rang me today to say that they had landed safely although delayed at the airport and that he had was just on his way back from the hospital after having his shoulder X-rayed. I presumed something must have happened on holiday but thankfully no, it was on the recommendation of his physio, to check out some sort of damage he has inflicted on himself over the years of playing and coaching field hockey and also playing cricket for a team he's played for, ooow let me see must be 22 or 23 years. I hope that it's not going to be anything serious as I think it would quite deflate him. Fingers crossed.

I am back on grandchildren duty tomorrow for a couple of days. I'm quite looking forward to it for some strange reason... at least I'll get some more of Breaktime done, or maybe I'll try and weed their garden a little. Now to how Breaktime is doing. I think I'll have one more turn up to finish him off, (well maybe).

Here's my photo update
. Not much more now. If it hadn't been for Jen's I've started so I'll finish....eventually I think this would still be forgotten at the back of some dark neglected cupboard.
I went looking around some fabric shops the other day trying to find something that I could use as a backing for him to turn him to the wall hanging I've been thinking about. Alas to no avail. I found some Halloween material that I quite liked but that isn't going to help me. I was looking for something that would sort of complement the colours in the clown but also look really good. When I see some of the finished pieces on the varying blogs with some great backing fabrics I can't help but wonder where in the world you find them.
I must admit The Three Kings and also Castles in the Air have not seen light of day yet again. My excuse for this is that I have been trying very hard to catch up my 12 Days of Christmas so that I am back on track for getting it finished in time for Xmas 2010. The beads have arrived so I have been able to finish the missing bits. I had seriously under bought the beads in the first place (my own error though) but I think I now have sufficient. The Seven Swans are completed and swimming away there.

I notice on the photos this time that the beads don't seem to have the knock out colours that they in the flesh (so to speak) and I have no idea how to get the true effect of them, it seems to be very hit and miss.
The 8 Maids are coming along well even though they are rather fiddly .

It seems quite strange cross stitching people, so that means that I'm getting to the last sections of the 12 Days as well.
I've treated myself to Donna Kooler's 555 Christmas Cross Stitch Designs and am waiting for that to arrive as I have some idea of making some Christmas Decorations for my older son, I've ordered material as well so perhaps I'm on a roll.....We'll see.. That son has just gone on holiday, he's gone camping so I hope that the sun shines for him and his family. They'll have a good time regardless though I'm sure.

Here's hoping the Postman arrives soon with my goodies.

Until next time thanks for calling in and taking time out to leave a comment they are so much appreciated.

Enjoy your summer and stitching. Byee for now.


Lesleyanne said...

Your WIPs are gorgeous. So colourful and cheery.

Fiona said...

well done on Break Time, its wonderful to see these UFO projects growing isn't it? I have started stitching Water Games again and I'm surprised at how quickly it's taking shape now :) Your 12 days of Christmas is looking really good too :) Donna Kooler's book is fantastic, I haven't actually stitched anything from it yet but maybe this year...LOL have a lovely week :)

Elaine said...

Break time is looking wonderful and you are making great progress on 12 days of Christmas. Look foward to your new stitchy pieces from Donna Kooler. Happy Stitching!

Blu said...

Both Break Time and 12 Days look amazing!

Bekca said...

Both of your WIPs are looking lovely, keep it up. I hope you enjoy your summer too, and your "grandchildren duty" :)

Siobhan said...

Lovely stitching--the colors are so nice and bright!