Sunday, 1 August 2010

Guess what....The Sun's Shining.

Hi there everyone. Summer holidays are upon us. That means that for the last 10 days we've had grandchildren staying with us. Very busy cooking and doing the old cub badges with my two youngest grandsons. Must admit they did very well and duly deserve their badges when they get them. The flapjacks and oat biscuits were delicious.

I must admit it was very nice having someone to do the washing up and window cleaning as well.

You've guessed it.....rather camera shy grandson!!

The hosepipe ban is still on despite the fact that there have been flash foods and torrential downpours, You know the same old story 'WRONG SORT OF RAIN', after all it's all wet, I do know what they mean, at least the gardens are fine. Thought you might like to see a little of our garden as we are further along in the year. It isn't looking so great really but we have some bright spots.

We had a bout of strong winds which ruined the hanging baskets and 'burnt' several plants. Luckily the tomatoes are doing well whether they will eventually turn to the right colour is another matter. It's a good job that we like green tomato chutney!!

My DH and I have just returned from our 'Garden Centre' roam with another new plant for the garden,it's a climbing Hydrangea which we intend to plant on a North-facing wall that we have always had a problem with. Here's hoping that this will solve it! Along with our plant we have bought some more bird feeders to replace the ones that have finally fallen apart. Already filled with seed,nuts and suet treats .....not a bird in sight!!!.
This picture is something that cheers me up it's a patio apple it just grows in a pot and it fruits every year. The apple type is' Katie' it was bought after the death of our Mum, Kathleen, back in 2001 my sister has a tree as well.

Because of the grandchildren visits and minding, cross stitch has been a little on hold. Unfortunately The 12 Days of Christmas has fallen behind. I should have been onto the 8 Maids a Milking but my Swans are still getting their feathers so they can't swim very well yet. Still never mind as I now have a few weeks while the 'young ones'( this includes my sons and their wives) are all away on their Summer hols. That is Guides camps, Cadbury World, Longleat, Spain all in no particular order. My hubby and I are just putting our feet up at home and probably pottering about a bit. I'll get some stitching done and the odd game of golf will creep in for my DH.
Here's my picture of the 12 Days. I will do better I promise

Must admit that while at my son's with three of the grandchildren I did get quite a lot of my UFO done which is for Jen's blog...I've Started so I'll Finished....Eventually
I have quite surprised myself with this one as finally I find that I am enjoying it. I am now on the last few of the 42"inches width of this piece, the chart is very hard to read as it is a hand drawn one and several splodges are just guessed. His face is much more cheery than I expected and I have put some half stitches in around the eyelashes although they are not actually shown on the chart. ( I just have to fiddle around a bit and make it mine)

I have been trying to catch up on my reading blogs that I follow and wanted to leave a comment onRocky Mountain Stitcher to say how well I thought her mermaid was doing but unfortunately I couldn't get it to take any comment. If anyone knows Berniceplease will you ask if she can check her 'settings' as I notice there are no comments and this seems strange as her stitching is lovely. To Bernice' It could well be me being a little in my dotage doing it wrong'.

I am now away to get some more feathers on my thanks for calling in and leaving a comment. Enjoy your holidays whatever you may be doing.
Until next time HAPPY STITCHING


Pumpkin said...

Love the pictures of your flowers and tomatoes! I wish we had home grown tomatoes. Maybe next year :o)

Bekca said...

I hope you have a wonderful summer spending time with all members of your family, even though some of them keep you busy! Your progress on your UFO is looking really good, keep it up :)
Happy stitching.

TammyK said...

Great pics :) I want to pick those tomatoes, they look so good. Love, love, love that clown & Three Kings in the post below this one.

Mylene said...

Sounds like you had fun with your grandkids...(i so miss my own parents, exactly a year now since our last visit).

Beautiful pictures of your flowers, tomatoes and apples. It was quite windy here too lately, it affected some of my flowers too.

Great progress on your WIP's.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely photos! It is raining here today, but forecast to clear up for later today/tomorrow :)

Sara said...

Hello, I just noticed the lovely clown cross-stitch you've been working on and I wondered where you got the pattern? If you could let me know i would really appreciate it - its coming along nicely!