Sunday, 23 January 2011

It'll be ready for Christmas!!!!!!

Back again. I hadn't realised that January had flown by so quickly and there was I thinking I was plodding along quite nicely with my stitching.
I have had one or two or so detractions. Such as a new game for my DS which I almost became glued to until I had managed to complete it, I also had to make arrangements for going to see the village 'Pantomine', This is put on in the Village Hall and several of the local children take part. This is the village where one of my sons live and this year I had just one of my grand-daughters in it as the older one was busy doing studying for some of her exams which she took about two weeks ago. The commitment that is required by these youngsters is quite demanding and they are now all very tired. The 'Panto ' was very good and is always quite hilarious. The gentleman who plays 'The Dame' really enjoys himself although I must admit I don't know that he ever sticks to the script. This is him in a couple of his several outfits playing the part of 'Granny Verruca Gubbins'. I can tell you he must have got the art of quick changing off very well as his costumes and hair wig change maybe seven times throughout the show.

But now to the serious stuff...... I have been stitching along on my 12 Day of Christmas (this is where I can here you thinking CHRISTMAS) and am pleased with my progress..... I have been thinking about how to finish it off and my niece has sent me some instructions on some sort of hemming. I understand that it takes a while to do but it's top of my list at the moment.

Firstly here is the completed 9 Ladies Dancing. I'm not to sure about the colour used to give facial definition so any input from yourselves would be useful. Must admit I enjoyed doing that one as it had a totally different border.

Here is how the row for the days 7,8,9 looks

Now on to the '10 Lords a Leaping'. There are are quite a number of beads on the jacket and it is quite eye-catching. Again the border is made up of the floral garlands and there are stacks of beads in them. Really sparkly.

Lastly the '11 Pipers Piping'. I'm getting along quite well with this one. There doesn't seem to be the number of beads on this day, mind you maybe I just haven't seen them on the chart properly as I have been busy concentrating on the main cross stitch.

I'm hoping to have the cross stitching on this finished before too long and then I think it may be catch up time on the 'Castle in the Air' which I haven't looked at for months. I check the downloads every month and keep think I really must get on with it and then I look at something else. Oh! to be a quicker cross stitcher but never mind I get there in the end. I think I may just do the 'My Family's like Fudge' by Waxing Moons as they are fun to do and don't take that long.
Last but not least here's one I've squeezed in.......

It's been done before so I've used a perforated paper from a Jim Shore one that I changed to fabric and have put on a 'bead bow' instead of the little treasure that should be there. I think the effect is OK I have some more of them that have already been done but this time they can go on my tree.

As usual many thanks for dropping in and spending a few minutes with my musings. If you've time leave a comment they so much appreciated. Until next time Happy stitching to you all



grannyanne said...

Great sewing.Glad you enjoyed the Panto

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely stitching - the facial details looks great to me. We love going to the pantomime each year - just a relatively small one in Epsom, with no famous names, but it's great fun. What DS game? I've been doing the latest Professor Layton in my spare time - the children did it in a couple of days, I'm still plugging away - I put it down to having much less spare time, even WITH a broken wrist!

Justflo said...

Hi. the DS game is one of the Jewel Mysteries. Emerald Tear. I think it's called. You have to search for hidden items in the pictures. I've done the first Prof. Layton but haven't got any of the newer ones.

Thanks for comment on face.


Blu said...

Cute finish!
I love watching 12 Days! It's so pretty.

Elaine said...

Great progress on 12 days, just love the pretty colours!

Pumpkin said...

12 Days is looking stunning! You will definitely be ready for this Christmas :o)