Friday, 11 February 2011

Ups, Downs, Finishes Yippee.

Hi there again. I've had 'One of the Weeks'... except it was a fortnight... My eldest granddaughter has been on her work experience at a leisure centre several miles away from where she lives. So on my grand children minding days I was asked if I'd mind collecting her there. 'Course not' says I. All I can say is I'm so glad I don't have to do this run again. The only time I didn't get my self confused ( posh word for lost) was when I went on my way from my home directly to the centre. This was because it was a straight change from one motorway to another. You know the sort I mean 'Bear left at next slip road' type of thing. Getting to collect her brother and sister from school was another matter altogether as I followed the signs to my allotted designation totally forgetting that there was a 'South' as well as centre turnoff. Are you following me????? I quite happily followed the wrong sign and if I had carried on would have been on another motorway in the wrong direction.. Fortunately I realised before to much mileage was done and recognising where I was left the motorway and got to the other grand children by going through the city centre. This was only the first time of collecting.. I can tell you it went from bad to worse. The next morning my granddaughter asked me to take her, instead of having to go with the lark (her dad).
OK said I being 'upbeat' thinking I can't get it wrong again. You can you know. This time I had to go through a junction that had a 3 motorway joining as well as them going east, west, north and south, I only managed to go north instead of south on a totally unfamiliar motorway but my trusty car having its own homing instinct got me to a junction I recognised. So I had to go round the roundabout and back onto the motorway. Strange isn't it I can find my way in one direction but the other was a total nightmare. To cut a long story short. I gave up on the motorways from their home and went on the normal roads, with precise instructions from my son. No panic now.....except......I evidently didn't hear him properly and took a turning at the wrong junction. and guess what I ended up on a motorway!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRGH. I am now safely at home I don't think I'll step foot out of my house again.... Well until next week....

Here's a little bit now on some of the other things I've been up to since I last posted.
After having had several down days health wise my hubby and I went to visit my sister and her DH for a couple of days and while there I started Waxing Moons 'Our family is like Fudge' this is from my Christmas stash. After taking approximately an hour to get the first nine, yes NINE stitches in the right place I actually got on quite well with it. Mind you I did have to listen to quite a few comments about frogs (I really can't imagine why!). I have done more since being home, I've been doing it in the evenings when I've got my feet up I have enjoyed doing this and am hoping to have it finished shortly. I already have the purpose made frame for it at the 'Nimble Thimble' so I'll just have let Chris have it and she'll frame it up for me. I may have to post it to her that's another thing I'll have to decide on. Still onward and upward so to speak.

My fabrics arrived from The Silver Needle for 'Counting Bats'. I gave up trying to find it in the UK. I had also ordered another fabric, which did not arrive, but not to worry my sister had, by chance, some of it, she had bought a half metre from Sew and So when she only needed a small amount so now I have fabric for two more of my Christmas gift charts. I'm unsure whether to start one of those at the moment or not.

I have been taking some small things with me when I go grandchildren minding in the middle of each week. Sometimes a get a little done and another I never get the chance to get it out of my bag. Here are two things I've been doing. They are from the Festival of Trees. They have already been done once so I am adapting them to suit whatever I have available, must admit I think they are working out pretty well.

I have put in my last cross-stitch on 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS I now have to take it off the super frame my hubby made, press it and then stitch on the buttons.

Here are the last two days.

After that I have to decide the best way of finishing it. I'm definitely leaning towards hemming the sides and possibly using wooden poles top and bottom to keep it taut for when it's hung on the wall (the jury is still out on that though). This had been a pleasure to stitch. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of it. I still wish that I could get a picture that shows the true colours and sparkle from the beads. A small part of me feels at a loss without thinking I have a little more of it to do.
This next pic is just to show you the last 3 day width all done.

Can you really miss a piece of cross-stitch?
Anyhow it is now going to be back to 'Castle in the Air'. I am months behind on this. I thought I'd just refresh your memory

This is going back on the stand. I remember I was enjoying doing the Blackwork fencing but put it away to get on with the Christmas pieces I was doing. Since then I have downloaded monthly and have become a little confused with some of the designs that have been added. I think part of me has been watching the new sections and wondering what would be the best way to go with it. I'm still undecided. I may have a look at how it looks on the Papillon Gallery. I'll finish the fencing and gates and then give it a big re-think.

I'm off now to get a cuppa Hope you all make good progress with your WIPs. Happy stitching to you all. If you have time to leave a comment it's much appreciated they are all a boost.

Until next time keeeeeeeep stitching.


Lesleyanne said...

All your stitching looks lovely.

Mel said...

Looking great.

Ah castles in the air... it has become what may be a permanent UFO. Just hate the counting in it.

Maggie said...

All your stitches look beautiful:-)

I too get confused with motorways! I'm fine as long as i don't have to chnage, lol I'm glad i'm not on my own, i can find my way anywhere, but when it comes to reversing directions thats when the problems start! Me and my eldest daughter went to Telford years ago, got there fine, cominging back we went mile out of our way and nearly ended up in Welshpool, lol.

Have a good weekend :-)

Jen said...

Methinks you might need a SatNav. The Garmin lady is very nice! Fantastic work on 12 days, can't wait to see the whole thing. Gave up on Castles in the Air before putting in a stitch. Good luck with that one.

TammyK said...

Love, love, love 12 Days of Christmas :)

grannyanne said...

Fantastic stitching. I am trying to guess who are the nuts in your family. Looking forward to seeing progress on castles in the air but I wouldn't be surprised if you start something new.

Bekca said...

Congrats on finishing 12 days! It looks so good, can't wait to see how you decide to finish it. I love your handbag stitches too, they're so cute. Hope you enjoy Castles in the Air, it's looking great so far. Happy stitching!

Elaine said...

Congrats on finishing 12 days I have so enjoyed watching this one grow.
I;ve got those nuts in my family, it;s looking great.
Good luck with Castles in the Air.

Siobhan said...

Oh my goodness!! All of your stitching is beautiful but I just love that 12 Days of Christmas.

I had to laugh at the tale of following directions and getting lost, only because I can soooo relate!! I am okay driving when I know where I'm going or it's not a motorway/highway. Put me on something with a lot of traffic and/or with high speed, and I get too flustered.

Castles in the Air is lovely!

Oh, and yes, I have found that when I finish something I've really enjoyed working on, I go through almost a period of mourning, where I miss working on it. Enjoy your next project!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Congratulations on your finish :) Your tale made me smile - I am at the point of driving the (five) children all over the county - thought a sat nav would help, as I'm always getting lost - it did until I found myself going down a buses only lane in the middle of Crawley! Now I use it with caution...