Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Great Time

I've had a busy couple of weeks, here, there and every where looking after grandchildren, must admit I always enjoy myself whether it's at my house our theirs. Usually if at my house they bake cakes, biscuits etc. not that my DH and I ever get to try them because they always want to take them home for their own Mums and Dads. Still the pleasure is in the baking and being Weight conscious (Ho.Ho.Ho.) perhaps it's a good job they don't stay at our house!!

Today my DH and I went to watch our younger son in his field hockey cup final. This is rather like watching the FA Cup final as it has been being played for several months on a knockout basis. It was a glorious day as we set out to travel to the venue at Preston, Lancashire. Summer had evidently arrived as my DH was wearing a pair of SHORTS. I can tell you it looked warm but as the pitch is not far from a river and very open there was a pretty cool breeze blowing. To give a better picture I had two coats on to fend off the wind. There was a good turn out of supporters for both teams, which was good to see, and the nervous tension was obvious. The first goal was scored by Blackpool, my son's team, and then the second. Next goal went to the opposing team. It went along on this vein for a while and then after half time with the score at 4 - 3 the goalie was sent off for 10 minutes. Horror of horrors. The substitute goalie let in a goal, not all his fault I hasten to add, so now on a draw. That ten minutes must have seemed like an hour to the Blackpool team playing one man down. Excitement and nerves tingling the final whistle was blown, 5 all, now what???? extra time, penalty flicks. No, it was decided to play extra time until first goal scored. Fans on edge for both teams off we go again. Then I heard a great whoop of delight and cheers all round the ball was in back of the net. Blackpool had scored......or had they? No it had come off a foot and that doesn't count. By this time everyone was shouting and cheering their team on like mad when there was a foul against Blackpool. A penalty flick shot was awarded, fingers crossed and everyone holding their breath the shot was taken and Yippees of Yippees it went to back of the net with a resounding crack. BLACKPOOL HAD WON.

My son accepting the trophy.

Many congratulations to the both teams for such a great match.

The winners

Well after the excitement here's some more positive progress. I have finished the Old Fashioned Tree from the Festival of Trees range. As I said before these have been stitched previously so I am adapting them as I go along. Not huge differences but just a little here and there. I think the next one I'll do will be the Victorian Tree, but that's not a definite yet.

Surprise here is another finish, at this point I must say this is the most I have ever finished in the first two months of a year, Yes, it's the Waxing Moons 'Our Family....' I have to get it framed yet so I'm possibly going to post it to The Nimble Thimble where the frame is already waiting and then collect it when I go to visit my sister.

This is where I now go into a rambling story to explain my reason for starting this next piece.

It's called 'Munokoreria' (The Dance Leader) by Anchor. The original artwork for this is a Kenyon artist named Gakonga and it's based on the tribal living of the Masai, Kikuyu and Swahili people of Kenya. This is where my husbands family moved to after WW2. They packed up their belongings and with their three children left for new adventures. At first in South Africa and then ending up in and around Kenya and Tanganyika. It is his childhood memories of playing with the children of the tribes local to the part of Kenya where they lived that prompted me to buy three pieces. The colours are lovely and I will probably finish them as bell pulls. I bought them a while ago and gave my DH the task of picking which one I would stitch first, between you and me I think he probably just passed me the first one he came too (but that's men for you!!). I have stitched it on four evenings so am pleased with the progress. There is quite a lot of back stitching to do on it and so far I haven't done any!!

Last but certainly not least here comes 'Castle in the Air'. I really have put some effort in on this one to try and catch up the 5 months I seem somehow to be behind ( can't imagine how that happened)

There I was thinking how well I was doing when another download has appeared so that's up to 6 months behind. Talk about 2 steps forward and one step back that's just how I felt. For those of you who aren't familiar with 'Castle' there were in the first instance 2 versions Cross stitch and Specialty Stitch , I have done a combination of the two as the whim took me. But great fanfare after had work I have caught up 2 months and ..............

part way through the first 'Fantasy' section. The 'Fantasy' has now had four sections downloaded and these are the parts that are causing me to hold back on the stitching as I can't quite follow the gist of it so I guess I'll be doing some of my own interpretations again at some point... that'll be a 'Watch this Space' moment.

Guess what it's cup of tea time. So once again thanks for popping and reading my ramblings. For all your friendly comments that have been left THANKS it's so good of you. Until next time keep up with the great stitching.


Crystal said...

WOW, sounds like you have been busy. Enjoy the grandkids. Looks like the game was a lot of fun. Beautiful stitching as always, I love the new piece you have started.

grannyanne said...

A very busy time for you but such a lot of stitching done. You will soon have finished your African piece at the rate you are going. Happy stitching to you.

Bekca said...

Congratulations to your son and his team! And well done you for braving the weather to go and support him :) There's certainly a chill in the air isn't there? I love your latest Waxing Moon finish, it's a saying that's true for my family too! I hope you enjoy stitching your African designs. Best wishes.

TammyK said...

First off, congrats to your son :) Love you finishes of course now I'm craving fudge.

Elaine said...

Sounds and looks like a great game, congrats to your son.
Beautiful stitches, love family fudge and dance leader.

Pumpkin said...

That's awesome! Congrats to your son and his team :o)

Love your finishes and the fabric you used on your Waxing Moon design is gorgeous!

Wow, your stitching on Castles is incredible, whether you are behind or not ;o)

What a neat story! The colors are so vibrant. It must be a fun stitch.

Siobhan said...

Congratulations to your son and his team!

I love seeing all your WIPs because you have such a variety going on--so fun! I loved the story behind the piece your husband chose for you to do.

Always smiling said...

Two coats!! Reminded me of my younger days when I used to watch my now ex hubby playing rugby, It was freezing!
Love the christmas tree ornie it is lovely and your new African stitching, you've stitched quite a bit already... lovely colours.
Keep stitching!

Chris x

Ps I am sorry I didn't realise I wasn't following you so I am now!