Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Another New Start and Happy Dances...Yippee

Hi there , everyone. Hope you have been enjoying the sunny weather we've been having lately. My DH and I arrived back from a quick visit to my sIster's this last weekend and the weather was glorious. I received a phone call from my son wanting to know if I fancied watching his team play in the Final of the local cricket league; I quite enjoy watching cricket so off I went. They were only playing 20/20. For the non follower that means that they play 20 overs(6 balls per over) per team and obviously the one with most runs wins. When I arrived I had no idea where my son was so the grandchildren pointed him out. There he was sitting with his leg up and a bandage round it.
He'd apparently done something to his 'quad' (Haven't really got a clue what a quad is other than something soldiers march round!!) in the semi-final a little earlier in the day. He was in some pain but as they had no subs he intended playing. When it came to the actual final to be played his team were fielding first and it was not a good start, catches were dropped and my son was hobbling around as the normally speedy runner just couldn't run. When it was his teams turn to bat they were out one after another very quickly and they had moved the place my DS would bat to a later place. He came out bat under arm and walked in a laboured fashion out to the crease when all of a sudden another batsman came out..... the opposing team allowed him to have a runner,( that's another man who can run the 22yds between the wickets on his behalf) unfortunatley he was out for only 11 runs (he was run out by the other batsman). It's a strange game cricket. But to cut a long story short they lost.. Doom and Gloom everywhere, but, true to form they cheered the winning team and applauded them as they received the trophy. Although not the winners it was a lovely day out in the sunshine.

Now for the important bits of news.I have made some good progress with my Just Nan's Counting Bats. Although I did get visitation from the 'frogs' more than once usually on the 1/1 words which was a bit of a headache.

I would most likely have got this finished if I hadn't been side-tracked by my grand-daughter into making a couple of '50's' style skirts for their school year production of'Grease'. I hope they come up to expectations as I haven't had the chance to try either skirt on the girls

The skirt colour is a bright red but on the picture it looks a bit pinky,( don't know why all the photo's are looking a bit wishy washy.) I'll be at the school watching the show next week so I'll have to let you know how it goes.!!!!!

I have made another new start., Ngoma Kem Kem (Heart Warming Dance) by Anchor as before by the Kenyan artist Gakonga. I have been enjoying stitching these.
This is where I have got up to at the moment.

You must have guesssed I have finished 'Looking Back'. Happy dances all round. They are quite a good'Chill out' design to stitch.
And now for the BIGGEE. Fanfares all round. 'CASTLES IN THE AIR' IS FINISHED. Created by Papillon Designs, started two years plus a bit ago. It's been a roller coaster of ups and down for me as I have combined the cross stitch and the speciality designs into one plus altering bits to suit myself. I have to get it framed yet but that will have to wait until the next time I'm down near the' Nimble Thimble' in Wales.

I chose to use 32 ct fabric to make it a little smaller (19 1/2") and the colours were taken from the flowers in our garden. Here are a few pics.

Hope you can all hear the music that I'm dancing to..I've got it as loud as I can and the house is shaking with my happy feet .

That's it for now folks I'm off to make our meal. Hope you have time to leave a comment they are so appreciated. Until next time Happy stitching to you all.


Cath said...

no wonder you're dancing , teo fantastic finishes. Well done .XXX

Bekca said...

Wow, congratulations on your big finish, it looks stunning. Great finish on Looking Back too, and I'm also loving Counting Bats, it's a really cute design. Commiserations to the cricket team, I hope your son's leg is much better now. I've certainly been enjoying the fab weather with lots of picnics and barbecues. Best wishes.

Mylene said...

CASTLES IN THE AIR looks gorgeous!! Congrats on finishing this big piece.

Lovely skirt and and the Just Nan's piece is coming along great!

Binky's Blog said...

Castles In The Air is gorgeous. I CAN hear the music. lol You should be proud. Great acomplishment. Red is one of my fav colors. Your other pieces are coming right along. A big congrats.

Lesleyanne said...

Two great finishes. Lovely progress on bats and great new start. I love Grease, hope you enjoy it. The skirt is lovely.

Jen said...

Well done. This is the first finish of Castles in the air I have seen. Counting bats is looking good but not doing too well in the poll on my blog.

mbroider said...

Lovely lovely pics!! Like the Gakonga desings too... You seem to be doing a lot of productive work out there:)

grannyanne said...

Lovely stitching. So many diferent genres too. How about trying a Drawn Thread?

Siobhan said...

Wow, congratulations on the finishes!! They are amazing! I hope your son is healing well!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Castles in the Air looks just GREAT! Congrats on such a big finish!

Sorry to hear you had a visit from the frogs!!!

Lostinblue said...

Oh that looks amazing!!! I have all the parts saved, but not even attempted a start on it yet.
What a great idea though, to combine the two types and make it more personal to you.


Fantastic skirts as well, I bet they love them!


Lizy said...

Thank for visiting my blog and it so nice and leaving me a comment!!!! All your finishes look great!!!! I will be back to visit your blog!!!!!!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Castles in the Air is gorgeous - lovely colours!