Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ramblings and an Award, Yes! an Award

Hi there, it's me again. I am so delighted to have been given and AWARD. It's been passed to me by Bekca of 'Stitching Lion'. As with all things there are always some 'rules' or other, so here they are.

1. Thank the person who has awarded you.

2. List seven things about yourself.

3. Pass the award to 15 other stylish bloggers
So here we go with the easy one first...... Thanks Bekca I can say I was truly in shock.

Now a little harder

1. I need a cup of tea in the morning to get my engine started.
2. I rely on my Hubby to sort out all electrical plug fitting.
3. Baking with my grandchildren is one of my loves.
4. I tend to be 'accident' prone!!!
5. I volounteer in a Primary School helping school beginners to read.
6. I am not the best at housework.
7. I invariably take on more than I can manage.

And lastly the really hard one, this is because I know that some people will not want to take part but that is their choice and also because some I would have passed it on to have already got it. Horror of horrors!!!

1 Jen fromI've Started so I'll Finish...Eventually I'll give you a reason for this. It's because it's a blog I've used and one I enjoy watching it helps people who've got' STUCK' on a UFO.
2 Jayne .... Ginnie's Cross Stitich!!
3. Linda.....Blu Stitcher
4. Jennifer......Confessions of a Serial Starter
5.Gabi...... Lady of the Floss
6. Nancy..... Cross Stitches and Kitty Kisses
7. Mel.....Epic Stitching
8. Tammy..... KFor the Love of Cross Stitching
9. Angela..... Hooked on Stitches
10.Blu..... Therapy by Thread
11Shamila..... Stitching My Way
12 Siobhan ..... Notes form Blue Hen Hollow
13.Carol.....Stitch Across The Border
14 Bernice.... Rocky Mountain Stitcher
15 Silverlotus.... Reflections in a Pond

Wow that was hard work!!!! If I have passed this on to anyone who has already been given this award (I've tried to check) or to anyone who is an 'Award Hater' please believe me when I say I'm sorry.

On now to what I've been up to or not as the case may be.
I have not kept up with reading blogs OOOOOps. The computer has had a severe headache. (My Husband) My DH has been 'tinkering' and all sorts of things went wrong. I don't even understand what he was doing in the first place, I just know the whole thing'Crashed' big style. Anyhow today he has managed to restore it to some sort of usage. Yippee . Monday was a Yuk day (more about that at another time MAY BE) I went off to Chirk Castle again this week on Thursday, on this occasion I was not with grandchildren I was one of the volounteers who dress up in 'Tudor Costume' and on what is known as Family Thursday Costume Day where we dress any willing( or otherwise) people of all ages up in Tudor outfits, It's a good day because I see people I don't actually see more than a few times each year.
We have spent some time out in the garden trying to tidy it up a little. We've eaten our first home grown tomatoes. Unfortunately we'd eaten them before I thought of taking a picture!! Any how here's a pic of some poppies that have come out. We have never had poppies this colour before so I can only assume that they have cross pollenated with another variety. ( Now that sounds as if I know what I'm talking about).
This next picture is of a rose that we transplanted from our front garden to the back and it has only just started to recover after some violent pruning by my brother in law several years ago, if you look carefully you can see it's got a little 'visitor'.
I'm not too sure whether the flowers on the grapevine can be seen, I was amazed how many buds there are this year, hopefully we'll have a good crop, that is if we get to them before the blackbirds.
I have to admit that I haven't done vast amount of stitching this last two weeks. I went in to the school along with my eldest grand-daughter (15) on the Thursday morning sticking the labels on books for the years new pupils. Two of my grandchildren finished 'primary school' this year and I went to watch the' Leavers assembly' which was very touching and many people were in tears, children and adults included. There were two large screens that showed photos of these now 11 year olds as they had gone through the school and some of the activities that they had taken part in, it was great. Tears were in abundance as they sang their School Song 'One Day at a Time'. Both my grand-daughter and her twin brother were in tears( must admit included). Now on to their next big chapter!!!!!

Stitching at last I can almost hear you sighing... Agneatha has moved along I have reached the half way mark on one side and almost on the other. Not much back stitching done yet though but I have made a start. I have started to enjoy doing it now. It's only the Aida that is the headache. My DH has taken the photo for me as I seem only manage shakey pics at the moment. He's got good colour on it as well so I am delighted.

My only other stitching has been on Ngoma Kem Kem this one is also coming along quite well. Love the colours in these designs.
I have succombed and bought some more of the African designs by Gakonga, only problem is I forgot to take pics. so that'll have to be a ''remember for next time". I only went to buy some needles...HONEST.

I don't know how much sewing I'll get done this week as I am at my son's for four days looking after the grandchildren. Baking is on the agenda as I've already had the 'phone call' asking, "Please can we bake. Grandma?"

I am taking my sewing with me, I just hope that it's not in vain. Wish me luck, I'll arrive home probably needing a months hols myself.( Ho Ho)

Once again that's it for now, I really must try and catch up on my blog reading, but the needle is calling. If you've time to leave a comment so much appreciated . Until next time Hope your sewing moves along well Bye for now.....


Mouse said...

ooo well done on the award .. must sort mine out .. glad to hear you bake with the grandbairns and ooooo you do the re enacting for chirk :) we used to be in the sealed knot many years ago :)well done on the stitching front and I did send you a google mail ?? did you get it ?? love mouse xxx

Silverlotus said...

Thanks for the award. :D Ciho awarded to me too a little while ago. But I really do appreciate, more than you can imagine.

Bekca said...

You're most welcome for the award, I do love visiting your blog. Sorry to hear you've been so busy, but the stitching you have done looks wonderful. Can't wait to see your latest stash enhancement. Best wishes.

Siobhan said...

Thank you so much for the award!

Sorry to hear about the computer woes. Yikes. Sounds like you've been busy, which is a good thing, though of course it does make it harder to stitch. ;) Your WIPs are wonderful!

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your award :o)

Even though you've been busy, it looks like you got some stitching done!

Lizy said...

Thank you for the comment on my frogs it was so nice!!!!! I have not put a recent picture but I'm almost done!!!! Whenever I'm finish I will post a picture!!!!!

Nancy in IL said...

Flo, the award is very much appreciated, but I'm not sure of what to do. I'll read a bit more and follow through though.

I love reading all your newsy posts, seeing your beautiful garden, and seeing your WIPs, that are coming along very well, I might add! It's always a delight reading about your grandchildren. Mine are getting so grown up that they aren't around very much any more, and I hate that! Enjoy them while they're young!

Am I correct that I save the Stylish blog award and put it in my sidebar? Thank you ever so much, Flo! I was shocked to see my blog awarded!

grannyanne said...

Great sewing. Congrats on the award.

TammyK said...

Thanks for the award friend :). I enjoy following your blog as well. Sounfds like you've been a busy bee. Great progress on your wip's!

Anonymous said...

could you please tell me where you bought this African kit ?