Friday, 30 October 2009

Finally got round to Halloween

At last. I can add to the blog. Well this week has been mayhem. I've had one lot of grandchildren over staying at the beginning of the week as it's halfterm here in UK. I took them back home and stopped for a couple of days as their parents were at work and their other grandma was away. Then I collected my other sons children and brought them over to stay with us again for a couple of days. This all sounds easy or boring depending on your point of view. The interesting thing is that I have grandchildren who like to bake or LOVE to bake is probably nearer the truth.
Then enter Halloween Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. While with me their Mum has been busy decorating their home ready for the annual Halloween party, so I was asked if I could help out by letting my grandchildren make biscuits. They arrived with the relevant 'cutters' and hoping that grandma had enough energy and patience to let the kitchen be taken over by trainee pastry cooks. They have cooked for two days. 'That should be enough biscuits for the whole road to have a party', I can hear you thinking. The problem is they have to be well tried and tested before the biscuits can pass quality control(namely my grandchildren tummies). Any how the point is they thoroughly enjoyed messing about with flour etc.
My computor is in melt down from two young men playing on one game or another. It's a good job that there are meal breaks and bedtime. They will be going home tomorrow so we are going out for the day.
After all that I thought you may like to see my Halloween pieces. There certainly aren't as many as some of you out there but I'm working on it.

The cushion is from the 'All Tied Up' range by Pine Mountain Designs and is a quick and easy sew. The other two are fom Mill Hill 'Buttons and Beads Autumn Series. One of them called 'Haunted Hotel' has glow in the dark threads. The other is called 'Spooky Time' and is from the Autumn Series IX. I really need to get another frame but with the postal strike on I decided I'd leave it until next year.

Spooky Time

Haunted Hotel
I had hoped to leave you with a recipe but true to form it's at my son's house. Oh to have my young memory back!! Until next time. Happy stitching to you all.


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Beautiful work - I love Hallowe'en themed work!

grannyanne said...

Love your Halloween sewing. I suggest you put your feet up for a few days. You deserve a rest after all that work.

Jen said...

Love the stitching. You should have done what I did for Halloween, leave the country!