Friday, 23 October 2009

Now Where am I up too?

I've been away from home for a few days looking after three of my grand children and I am now suffering from fatigue. It's good fun and I do enjoy myself with the baking and netball support, not to mention taking them to guide outings, brownies, football and hockey training, back and forth to their schools, making packed lunches, listening to their various moans and groans etc etc.(does this ring any bells ). At least it gives their parents a day or two off the racing around. Anyhow back now in my own peaceful pad, so I can do my cross stitching, not forgetting the washing and the ironing (I try to forget them but guilt taps me on the shoulder).
Back to the garden (had I left it ?) The tomatoes we planted were poor compared to last year, there'll be no green tomato chutney this year. Although with great surprise some of the tomatoes have finally decided to ripen. At least we'll be able to have them with some salad before it gets too cold.
We've done some garden clearing and fruit tree pruning, even that's come to a halt as we wait for the 'wheelie-bin' emptying day. Some new bulbs have found their way in to the ground, there are still more to plant but the weather has turned against us so the winter pansies will have to wait.

Thought you might like to see a needle work I did some time ago. Trouble is I can no longer remember the title of it or where I bought the kit, (senior moment!) but I still like it.

I'm hoping to make headway soon with some Christmas kits I've got but with trying to get my Carousel horse out of the way everything else has taken a backward step.
I really enjoy the Jim Shore Kits by Mill Hill they're fun to do and full of vibrant colours and trillions of beads. When I figure out how you get pics from other sites I'll show you what I mean (Learning curve getting a little bumpy at this point). That's it for now. Hope to discover some more of the intricacies of 'blogland' before next time. Do keep popping back you're always welcome. Just remembered The grapes tasted fantastic.


Karin said...

I hope you get a chance to relax and recharge! Your needlework is lovely.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Hope you get some rest! That is one gorgeous picture - my DD loves it! Thanks for visiting my blog - I've added yours to my Reader account, to keep up to date :o)

Yoyo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, albeit a bit ago, I'm just now stopping by your's, and it really is a nice blog. You said you are a beginner but hey, ya can't tell. You are doing a great job. I love the Pharoah's outfit you did for the play!!!!! I know you have a new picture of the Carousel Horse, let's see let's see, he he he he. I've put you in my RSS reader so I'll be back to say hi.