Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just How Busy Can One Person Be?

I've been really busy this last few days. I seem to have had very little time to do anything--- could be because I have finally met Professor Layton!!!!!! Time has stood still, drinks have gone unnoticed (anyone who knows me will now be passing out with shock), I would have lost lbs. if my hubby hadn't rallied round and done most of the meals. I've thoroughly enjoyed the game and although I have technically got to the end I shall be going back into it to locate the 5 or 6 games I seem to have missed. I've also got the downloads thanks to a very helpful niece who has the fancy bits that are required to do such things, this means I now have another 27 games to challenge my brain with Oh Crikey ! not more lost meals. I'll be sylf-like before I know where I'm up to (I think that could be shooting at windmills).

Any how back to other things: Here is a cross stitch that I put away for years and years, probably because that background made my eyes ache rather a lot although the number of years it laid uncared for rather out weighed the eyestrain. I'm really glad I finished it and got it framed. Hope you like it too.

The weather was lovely yesterday so we spent most of the day going round looking for bulbs and some winter-flowering pansies and primulas to cheer up the garden that is starting to look rather sad. We haven't got a huge garden but we do our best the pic is obviously earlier in the year.

I'm hoping to get some more of my UFO (Unfinished Object see I've Started so I'll Finish Eventually.... ) done as other cross stitches that I am doing are becoming in danger of becoming UFOs (if that makes sense). I have some Christmas ones on the go but they seem to have taken a back seat just at the moment. But alas I've just been introduced to another game Mystery Case Files:Millionheir OH! NO! What shall I do? Oh confusion, Oh decisions, decisions. Now you'll just have to wait and see............


Karin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - your stitching is lovely! Hope to see more of you in the future.

grannyanne said...

Lovely to read your blog. What about getting Cradle of Rome. Perhaps not all your WIPs would definitely become UFOs

Jen said...

I don't know all these DS temptations. Since I started bloging my DS has not seen the light of day. I used to play Animal Crossing on a daily basis, now I dare not go back because I will have no friends, all my flowers will have gone and my house will be full of cockroaches!
But I have finished two UFOs and lots of other stuff!

Mel said...

Great to discover your blog! :)
Thanks for visiting mine. I love the wolf finish!