Monday, 12 October 2009

Just This and That.

Here goes again. I can't help wondering just how long it'll take me to do todays blog. I can tell you now it'll be quite a while. This is mainly because I get in a bit of a muddle with the more 'technical' side of things. Adding a picture on my first attempt was a nightmare, no idea why I'm evidently not switched on, must have been further down the queue when this bit of info was inplanted in the old brainbox. Anyhow to business........ You'll discover through my ramblings that I have a tendency to flit from one thing to another for no apparent reason, it just sort of happens, so please bear with me.

I thoroughly enjoy cross stitching Christmas pieces. I am not the fastest stitcher in the world, more of a plodder, but this is from a chart I came across in a local shop and thought it put a slightly different twist on Santa. It's from a series called' Santa's Time Off' by StitchWorld X-stitch. I must admit I have looked for others in the series but with no luck. It would have been interesting to see what other 'Time off' items Santa has. The pattern can be made as a picture as I have done or as a stocking.

Here's an insight into my slightly crazy family. One of my grandsons isn't keen on eating his packed lunch at school, so his Dad came up with the idea that a weeks menus was drawn up by the son.( no excuse for not eating what you've picked idea). All was going well until the day a fruit salad was on the list: It goes like this: Dad-'Sorry son we haven't got any lemons', Son' Don't worry Dad. I don't like lemons'.
Dad 'Sorry son we haven't got any Kiwi fruit', Son_ 'Don't worry Dad, I don't like Kiwi'.
Dad 'Sorry son we haven't any oranges', Son - 'It's OK Dad I don't like oranges',
Dad 'Sorry son we've only got pears and apples left'. Son -'It's no problem Dad I'm not keen on pears'
Dad 'Shall I just put an apple in your box?' Son 'Yes please Dad, that'll be great'.
At the end of the day I picked up my grandson from school and asked 'Have you eaten all your lunch today?'
Answer, ' No, I forgot to eat my apple.'

I mentioned in an earlier post that we have been trying to grow some of our own food stuffs. Useful ones only like Grapes. I figure in about a zillion years I may have enough to make a bottle of wine. At present there 's about sufficient grapes to press about enough for a very, veeeery tiny fairy with leanings to being tea-total. So I've decided the best thing to do is just eat them.
That's it for now.


gazette94 said...

Hello Justflo, Thank you so much for your visit and the nice comment on my blog..
I love your santa ! very pretty ! I love Christmas stitching, and my husband is a Scottish chef in Paris
I like your blog..
Have a good day !!

grannyanne said...

Try a toffee apple that might do the trick. Love the Santa.

Jen said...

I always leave the apple in my lunchbox too. Fruit salad is also not my favorite. Could we be related? Like the blog by the way.

Maisie Moonshine said...

I'm delighted to see that Dad takes such an interest in preparing the lunchbox - Mr M wouldn't know where to find the apples!